Considered to be one of the most romantic events of the year, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to shower someone special with gifts that will delight. Jewelry is a staple of the holiday, and within our guide, you’ll find exquisite examples. From chocolate accessories to heart shaped jewelry, explore our gift guide and discover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart! When you discover the possibilities found within Happy Hearts, you’ll see why it’s important to Gift Bigger, Gift Better. Just another way of Delivering joy!

Happy Hearts: Gift Bigger, Gift Better

There’s something magical about the act of gift giving. Not only are we delighted to receive a gift, but more importantly, there is a deep sense of satisfaction with the act of giving; and when it comes to our loved ones, we want to provide the best.

That’s where Shop LC comes to the rescue! During our Happy Hearts event, we empower you to not only gift bigger but also gift better. Though Shop LC means shopping low cost, no corners are cut when it comes to quality. All through the weeks leading to Valentine’s Day, find the best Valentine’s Day deals to delight your sweetheart!

Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Deals

During Happy Hearts, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you spoil your sweetheart with our Valentine’s Day jewelry sale. Whether you want to choose from gifts featuring traditional reds and pinks, or perhaps their signature birthstone, Happy Hearts has it all – just for you!

A romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to really choose a stunning gift for that special someone. You might already have a vision in mind for the unique gift you want to give. If you’re still searching, or if you just want some exciting extra options, consider the following collections and selections.

Steaming Haute Chocolate

Chocolate candy isn’t the only sweet thing these days! Fill an entire box of goodies with signature chocolate jewelry from Shop LC. Consider warm, velvety gems such as smoky quartz, mocha scapolite, and the most saccharine cocoa gemstone, chocolate sapphire! Available in settings of both gold and silver, it will be easy to satisfy any craving for eye candy with these scrumptious deals.

It doesn’t end there! Chocolate accessories make a strong showing too. Warm chocolate hues help any wardrobe transition from winter to spring while remaining accessible all year long. Neutral handbags, scarves, and other accessories are all available and waiting to be filled with goodies.

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Heart Shaped Jewelry, the Perfect Gift?

Valentine’s Day is often thought to be the most romantic holiday around, and heart shaped jewelry could be your perfect representative. Poetic words aren’t required when presenting exquisitely crafted heart shaped rings! They make an ideal reminder to your honey of your affection whenever they sneak a glance throughout their day. A heart shaped ring is a traditional and thoughtful way to stoke the flames of romance.

If rings aren’t her thing, don’t forget that other options exist! A heart shaped necklace can be as simple or extravagant as you like. Most importantly, there’s something very symbolic about presenting a heart shaped necklace as a gift. The charm or pendant will rest close to her own heart, and she’ll know that she’s never far from your thoughts. With the selections of styles available, have fun as you find just the right one!

Heart shaped earrings are a perfect alternative to anyone with more active needs. Studs earrings are the perfect way to help her feel feminine when living an active life – whether that’s prepping for a workout or running a quick errand. It’s a simple and sweet expression of your love that’s sure to become a favorite.

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The Golden Rule of Gifting

Whether you choose to present a gorgeous chocolate sapphire ring or glittering heart shaped earrings, the most important thing to consider is your significant other. Jewelry is a very personal expression, worn as a symbol of love, devotion, or just everyday personal style. As long as you put them at the forefront of your gift decision making, you’re sure to make them smile!

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