Feeding Hungry Children and Giving Back Where It Counts

Anyone who already supports Shop LC knows that we’re Delivering Joy daily with our outstanding high-quality products and daily low prices. But that’s not enough. There are many ways to thank the communities that make us successful and to give back to those needing it the most. With this in mind, we’re proud to introduce our Shop LC One for One meal program to our LC Family.

What is Shop LC’s One for One?

Shop LC’s One for One is our program that delivers hot meals to hungry school children. As part of our corporate social responsibility, what better way is there to give back than to support the communities that make our mission of Delivering joy possible? Like the jewels we sell, Shop LC merely is one facet of a more significant presence. Shop LC is part of Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL).

India was chosen to pilot the program, as it is the original home of VGL. With a corporate presence for over 35 years, it was the perfect opportunity for us to share our success.

Indian school children often have to make a difficult choice. Do they pursue an education and go hungry? Or do they work where a meal is guaranteed? By just providing a hot meal for attending school, it’s not just their bodies being fed, but also their minds. Shop LC’s One for One helps provide a foundation for these children to have bright futures by not needing to choose between hunger and curiosity. No parent should ever have to decide between having their child attend school or work just so that they can eat.

Shop LC One for One

Why is Shop LC’s One for One Important?

  • More than one-third of malnourished children reside in India.
  • 80-percent of parents interviewed report that these meals positively impact their child.
  • Since the Shop LC One for One program launched, school attendance rose from 50 to 90-percent.
  • For many of these children, it’s the only meal they enjoy each day.
  • In four years of operation, the health of these children continues to improve.

With these humble beginnings in mind, it’s important to make sure that these children, and all children, have a bright future. Shop LC’s One for One provides nutritionally balanced, hot meals to Indian school children. By sacrificing a portion of our profit, schools across India benefit.

Shop LC One for One

How Does Shop LC’s One for One Work?

Shop LC and its greater corporate family have partnered with local charity experts across the country to arrange daily delivery of these meals. The proceeds we donate from every purchase pays the cost for the meal itself, its distribution, and preparation. This removes any extra financial hardship from the charity groups who partner with us in delivering these meals to children in need. No extra time is required for teachers or students to prepare food, so no learning time is lost.

Shop LC One for One

How Can I Help?

It’s easy to help. In fact, you already are! Shop LC will donate one fresh and hot meal to a hungry child for every purchase made. There’s no extra cost and no hidden fees. You’ll continue to enjoy the same daily low cost you always have. The prices from these nutritious meals have already been factored into our business plan.

In the future, Shop LC’s One for One will expand. Our dream is Delivering Joy to children and communities in need all across the globe. Do you have an idea on how we can help? Reach out and give us feedback!

Shop LC One for One