It’s officially that time of year. Yes, it’s scarf season! These cozy accessories are a fall must-have. Not only can you wear them around your neck during the colder seasons, but they can also be used as an actual article of clothing. One of the most flexible ways to do so is to use a scarf with buttons. Let us show you five stylish ways to wear a scarf that’s not around your neck!

The Halter

Fall is the perfect time to layer your clothes, and the halter scarf makes a great addition to your ensemble. Pair it with a pretty statement necklace to really make it pop. Here’s how:

The Criss-Cross Halter

The criss-cross halter is a fun and elegant twist on the halter scarf (literally, all you need to do is twist!).  This looks great with nearly any fall outfit, and it gives you a little more coverage for those really windy days. Here’s how:

The Long Sleeve Shrug

If you’re reluctant to store away your favorite sleeveless top because summer is over, don’t fret! This stylish shrug keeps you warm without having to make a sacrifice. Here’s how:

The Vest

The scarf vest is very similar to a cardigan, and who doesn’t like those?! Layer it on top of a fun print to add fall glam to your look. Here’s how:

The Poncho

We all know that ponchos are brilliant for colder weather. Integrate this comfy and relaxed outerwear into your fall look, and you won’t be disappointed! Here’s how:

Now that you’ve seen all of these stylish ways to wear a button scarf, we know you’re dying to get one! Tune into our Lifestyle Connection Showto get your own cozy accessory! And if you check out our Twitter, you will have a chance to get 30% off your purchase during the show, so hurry!