Your closet is screaming for a shift in a cooler direction, and we are here to tell you which items are a must have! We’ve done our research and have compiled a list of fall fashion essentials for 2014 to make your season cozy and chic! 

When you’re not sporting a cozy scarf, stand out with a statement necklace. You should at least own one show-stopping piece. We chose this one because it features beautiful Jalisco fire opal. Is it a coincidence that the birthstone of October is opal? We think not! This must-have item is perfect for those days when you want to dress up a simple shirt and jeans.
Menswear-inspired clothing is a trend that is definitely taking over the runways. If you’re trying to achieve this look, a tailored button down shirt is definitely the way to go. This comfy chambray shirt borrows style from the men and adds denim to your look. That’s a fashion win-win right there!
3. Cozy Scarf
In case you didn’t know this already, fall is the perfect time to break out your warm, thick scarves! They multitask by keeping you cozy and by displaying your personal style. This neutral-colored scarf is a must-have because you can wear it with anything, and it has a little bit of lace at the ends to give it an elegant touch. Read our blog post on scarf tying to discover trendy new ways to wear it.
4. Structured Bag
Structured bags are on the hot list this season, so it only makes sense that it makes our fall must-haves list. This particular bag deserves to be yours because of its chic and minimal style. It gets extra points for also featuring animal print. This bag is trendy from all sides!
5. Anything
If you read our last Trendspotter edition, you’d know that exotic prints are definitely trending! One of our favorites for the fall is leopard print because it shows that you’re fashion forward and not afraid to take risks! Liven up your wardrobe with this leopard bangle. It looks great alone or when stacked with other bracelets.
6. Ankle Boots
Ankle boots, also referred as booties, were trending during the summer and it looks like they are staying for the fall. They especially look snazzy under your favorite pair of boot-cut jeans. This pair is a must-have because the durable sole makes them comfortable and the pretty lining makes them stylish. This shoe is just asking to be worn!
7. Good Pair of Jeans
Speaking of jeans, we couldn’t leave denim off our list! Jeans are a staple for any season, but they are especially important during colder weather. A nice fitting jean can make all the difference. Everyone has a different body shape, so be sure to check out our Ultimate Jeans Guide to find out which pair will make your derriere look its best!
Now that you’ve seen our must-have list, which trend will you embrace this fall? Share photos of your favorite fall ensembles, and we’ll post them on our Facebook page!