Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that also happens to be the birthstone of August. While some may confuse this gem with the popular emerald, peridot appears more lime green than deep green. Peridot is a member of the olivine family.

Unlike many other stones, peridot is only found in one color, various shades of green. A specific peridot gemstone, known as Chinese Hebei peridot, glows a distinctive deep chartreuse or olive with golden undertones.

August Birthstone Peridot - Peridot Rings

Peridot originates from Burma, Arizona, Norway and some islands in the Red Sea. Sometimes it can even be found in meteorites.  In April 2008, a pallasite meteorite, which is a stony-iron type of meteorite, containing peridot crystals, was auctioned off for $3 million!

This August birthstone is said to bring its wearer peace, success and good luck. Its energies and power boost protection, health and sleep. Peridot is associated with springtime, and ancient civilizations believed it to be a gift from Mother Nature.

Tips for Buying Peridot

Color: The best colors of peridot generally have about 10 to 15 percent of iron. Darker shades of green are more expensive than lighter shades–but this is a matter of preference.

August Birthstone Peridot - Peridot EarringsLighting: Unlike red and blue gems, peridot is not dependent on light. It generally shines and looks good under all lights. Even after the sun goes down, the color of the stones does not darken.

Clarity: The industry standard calls only for “eye clean” clarity for peridot. Most peridot will have some small inclusions or flaws, and they often have a velvety quality.

Cut: The number of cuts and shapes of peridot is limitless. A jeweler can be as creative as they want when working with this stone.

Size: Peridot is common in sizes of 10 carats or more. The larger peridot stones come from Pakistan and China.

Peridot Jewelry Care

Like other gemstones, peridot should be protected from knocks and bangs that might chip the stone. In addition, regular cleaning will definitely keep your jewelry looking its best. Because the stone is relatively soft, peridot jewelry needs to be protected from harder jewelry and metals in your jewelry box.August Birthstone Peridot - Jewelry Box

Always put your jewelry on last when getting dressed, and take it off first when getting undressed. This helps make sure that lotions and perfumes don’t damage your gemstones over time. Keep away from solvents (including harsher dishwashing solutions), chemicals and heat to avoid destroying its luster. For more information on general jewelry care, check out our education center.

How to Wear Peridot

Green can be a very selective color when it comes to matching it with others. However, earth colors, such as brown, tan, and dark green, look great when paired with peridot. Blue, white and yellow are also very nice when combined with peridot accessories.

August Birthstone: Peridot - Hebei Peridot PendantYou can also get this gemstone in many different shades of green. The bright, kiwi green stones make a stunning statement piece, such as this Hebei peridot pendant. And the darker shades look exquisite when united with various metals.

Because the cuts and shapes of peridot are limitless, you can have just about any type of jewelry in peridot. It can be fashioned to make earringsbraceletsrings and much more.

Wearing vibrant peridot during the summer is perfect because the sunshine will really make it stand out. But remember, if you weren’t born in August, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock peridot accessories. Peridot’s striking green color makes every outfit energetic and lively.

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