Recent years have seen a rising trend in better-for-you alternatives in the realm of beauty products. Brands such as Beauty by Earth have been at the forefront of this global change, as more consumers become aware of the concerns surrounding traditional products. Join us as we introduce our newest partnership with Beauty by Earth. Learn their story as we bring you the best quality everyday essentials, all at the lowest prices.

What is Beauty by Earth?

It started with an issue many of us have considered in the past. “Is this going to be safe to use on my children?” Two friends asked this same question, and barring any ready and reliable options, took matters into their hands. Starting in 2014, the partnership between the Greves and Milsaps has produced amazing results!

Beauty by Earth focuses on just the good stuff. By leaving weird chemicals at the door, there’s more room for natural ingredients, which possess a proven track record. Products are effective and non-toxic. The all-natural product line is committed to the following high values.

  • Certified organic.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Cruelty-free.

Beauty by Earth was founded in March 2014 with these commitments in mind. Originally launching with 100% Organic Argan Oil, within a year 50,000 products had been sold to an audience hungry to make a change in their skincare and beauty regimens. Over time, a carefully curated selection of goods has been presented to consumers. Now, Liquidation Channel has the incredible opportunity to bring this exciting collection of skincare and beauty products to you!

Beauty By Earth

What is Organic?

This term is more than a marketing tactic. It’s more than a gimmick. Choosing organic products is a life conscious decision that you make to improve your well-being. Certified organic products aid this lifestyle shift by ensuring that only the best ingredients are being used in the products you put on your body.

With the USDA Organic seal, you can tell at a glance what you’re getting. The seal ensures that the labeled product contains ingredients that are compliant with USDA regulations for organic farming. This means that no synthetic chemicals are used. This means no genetic modification. This means no harmful pesticides contaminating the crops used. You’re only getting the good stuff.

Beauty By Earth

Synthetic Ingredients: Are they Necessary?

Your skin is the largest organ. It has a tendency to absorb what we expose it to, for good or bad. Every day we apply skincare and makeup products to it. Despite this, there is no information available regarding the long-term effects these pose. And that’s a problem. A safer choice is organic products, as you know exactly what you’re using.

Synthetic ingredients are typically used, as they are cheaper, or prolong a product’s shelf life. Companies love them as it ultimately helps the bottom line. It’s understandable. It’s better for the product. But in the end, is it better for you? That’s the question.

There’s a choice to make. When produced under the organic seal, you know what’s in there. When you rely on synthetic ingredients, you may not. It’s a frequent and accepted practice within the industry to hide ingredients. For instance, ‘fragrance’ may appear as a single entry on the label, but may, in fact, contain multiple chemical ingredients! Under the pretense of protecting trade secrets, this is a tactic used to introduce parts manufacturers know might be questionable. It lets them avoid disclosing the truth to consumers.

Skipping the inclusion of questionable ingredients the junk is left out. These are the often-unpronounceable ingredients that leave you wondering. In some cases, they may even be known to be harmful.

Beauty By Earth

Bigger than Beauty

Choosing organic is more important than making you feel good. Besides skipping the junk you don’t need, there are other things to consider. Beauty by Earth factors in many qualities when bringing a new product to market.

Organic products are conscientious and produced with an eye towards sustainability. By working towards conservation, we ensure that there’s something there tomorrow.

Ingredients are all-natural and gluten-free. Perfect for those whose lives are impacted by gluten, this provides a safer alternative to those affected.

Cruelty-free, these products have not ever been tested on animals. You never have to question the ethical side of product development when choosing to use them.

By using non-GMO ingredients, you’re getting the very best of nature. Non-GMO means that the plants and crops used have not been genetically modified.

Products are made in the United States. Crafted in FDA certified facilities, there’s no need to question where they may have been made, or what conditions they’ve undergone while traveling to you.

Beauty By Earth

Join the Revolution

Check out our special sneak peek of a curated selection of the very best Beauty by Earth offers. The first one hundred shoppers to make a purchase will receive an exclusive zippered tote. Made of sturdy and durable natural canvas, it features a robust brass zipper closure. The Beauty by Earth logo prominently features, letting the world know your commitment to sustainability. Perfect for storing your essentials, the tote’s compact size makes it the ideal companion for travel.

Then join us again on the 18th for our official launch. From 4 – 6pm CT, be sure to tune-in to our Live broadcast. Featuring our entire range of selected products, this won’t be a show to miss!