National Boss’s Day is this month—Oct. 16 to be exact. It’s a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year. Although this day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee, there’s no rule saying you can’t have a bit of fun with it! We have listed 10 of the best gift suggestions to get you noticed around the office (some for better reasons than others)!

1. Desk Alarm Clock

Silver and black desk clock.

Whether your boss is a stickler for deadlines or always running late to the next meeting, a desk clock would be the perfect gift. This particularly classy clock is convenient for travel and it even has an alarm. If anything, it doubles as a paperweight. Talk about multi-tasking!

Personalized pen collection.

2. Theft-Proof Pen

You finally find a pen that writes well and fits perfectly between your fingers, only for someone to “borrow” it. And it is never seen again. We’re sure this has happened to you before. Give your boss a pack of theft-proof pens to stand out on Boss’s Day. People will never walk out of your boss’s office after reading these reputation-ruining pens!


3. Decorative Owls

Wooden owl statues.


Sometimes offices can be quite dreary, which is very unfortunate since your boss is there more than any other place. Add some pizzazz to his or her workplace with home accents. For instance, these adorable owls are hand-carved on wood and observes warm neutrals in defining features. This trio will certainly earn glowing attention!
Mug with "World's Okayest Boss" caption.

4. Humorous Mug

If your boss is the funny type, this mug is the perfect gift. Expressing your sincere appreciation for your supervisor couldn’t be easier. You can even personalize this humorous mug it with his or her name!

5. Tiger Painting

Tiger painting.


Who wouldn’t want a painting of a fierce tiger hanging in their office?! If your boss ever needs motivation, tell him or her to just take a look at this majestic animal. Subconsciously, he’ll be thinking that the best decision he’s ever made was to hire you. Talk about a gift that keeps giving!
Wine key with bottle opener and blade.

6. Wine Key

This is the perfect gift for the boss that is the party animal (after hours of course). A wine key is an elegant way to say, “I appreciate your leadership, and I know you like to party when we aren’t here.” If you really want to show your gratitude, throw in a bottle of wine!



7. Ostrich Embossed Leather Wallet

Wallet with ostrich-skin pattern.


If your boss likes to stay fashionable, check out an amazing wallet. Exotic prints are very on trend right now, so this stylish accessory would make a great gift. Not only does it look tasteful, but it will also hold your boss’s cash for the vending machine down the hall!
Executive desk toy.

8. Executive Decision Maker

Being the boss is hard. They have to make the tough calls and their decisions are always questioned. Well, not anymore! Give your boss the gift of certainty with this executive decision maker. He or she can’t decide on a merger? Who should get that new promotion? What’s for lunch? These are all important questions that can now be answered!

Yellow scarf with black lace trim.9. Avery Tan and Black Scarf with Lace

This is the perfect gift for the boss with class. A scarf is an accessory as graceful as she is. Transforming her look for the fall, this scarf makes a fashion statement without protest. This gift will get you in your boss’s good graces without making you look like a suck up to your coworkers (who would want that?)!

10. The Last Minute Gift

You don’t want to be the only coworker that forgot about Boss’s Day. If you’re in a tight spot, check out our online auctions and you could find gifts like sunglasses or office décor for as little as $1! Heck, get something for yourself while you’re at it.
Use these gift ideas to thank that special authority figure in your life for trusting in your capabilities and encouraging you to get stuff done! Happy Boss’s Day!