Considered one of the most romantic events of the year, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to shower someone special with gifts that will delight. Jewelry is a staple of the holiday, and within our guide, you’ll find exquisite examples. From cluster rings to cluster earrings, explore our gift guide and discover the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart!

A Brief History of Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are a rather old ring design that began to see its popularity rise during the Victorian era, where the modern version began to take shape. Before this, early examples of this style can be found as far back as the Georgian period.

Georgian and Victorian cluster rings typically featured a prominent stone surrounded by smaller accent stones. These days, the style is more often recognized as a halo setting or halo cluster. The techniques used require time to develop into the more sophisticated methods we’re accustomed to today.

Early cluster rings were developed from a necessity to use the stones available at the time. As diamond supplies were limited, smaller stones would often be grouped together to give the appearance of a more prominent stone in early cluster diamond rings. While cluster rings are still often utilizing smaller stones, they are also excellent for displaying colored gemstones; as many stones display their finest color in petite sizes. Russian chrome diopside and anthill garnet are good examples of this quality.

By the Art Deco period, cluster rings began to become the recognizable rings we know today. The geometric patterns and clean lines are echoed in today’s designs, showcasing the timeless appeal of this ring style.

Cluster Rings for Valentine’s Day

Cluster rings are an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day. Available in a captivating range of colors, arrangements, metals, and more, a cluster ring offers a unique take on the perfect gift.

Sometimes, it can feel daunting to buy gems that are known for their hefty price tag. Often, you see the price rise in single stones as the carat weight increases. In a throwback to Victorian tradition, consider a cluster ring for gems like emerald, ruby or sapphire. It’s a creative way to provide an impressive gift rife with the color of these magnificent stones while staying within your budget.

Alternately, there is an impressive selection of unusual and exotic selection of gemstones available in the market today. Many of these gems are arranged in playful arrangements to complement unique color arrangements, or to showcase the vibrant color found in smaller stones not seen in larger examples.

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Pairing Cluster Earrings with Your Ring

While any cluster ring is prominent enough to stand on its own, earrings can provide the perfect accent to add even more eye-popping color! Not only that but cluster earrings also make great stand-alone gifts. Sometimes, you might not have the chance to confirm your sweetheart’s ring size. Or perhaps they just aren’t a fan of rings.

Cluster earrings are an excellent way to draw attention towards your face for anyone who wears their hair short, or in an updo. They’re also a great consideration for women who love looking glamorous but need their hands unadorned for reasons of comfort or work.

This style offers fashionable and creative designs that are perfect for growing an existing collection. Consider her favorite color or birthstone when choosing the perfect pair of cluster earrings to make a memorable and exciting gift.

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The Golden Rule of Gifting

Whether you choose to present a gorgeous solitaire ring or glittering solitaire earrings, the most important thing to consider is your significant other. Jewelry is a very personal expression, worn as a symbol of love, devotion, or just everyday personal style. As long as you put them at the forefront of your gift decision making, you’re sure to make them smile!

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