The room is filled with electricity. Final preparations are being made as I watch Shawn Wilsie and our camera operator Bryan working in silent concentration and single-minded purpose. We’re getting ready to debut our newest collection of high-quality timepieces.  Even though we’re filming a simple Facebook Live video, the same care goes into this shoot as if we’re shooting for live television. Going off without a hitch, I watch in admiration as Shawn takes us through this exciting new collection. After shooting concludes, I sit down with Shawn to discuss the Executive Collection by EON 1962.


Designing the Executive Collection

The pure joy of the live video carries over to the conference room, as we sit in its intimate confines and get to work.

“It has always been a dream of mine to design a collection,” Shawn relays to me in a happy tone. “In 26 years I’ve never had the opportunity to design an entire collection from scratch.”

Typically, and the same is true at Shop LC, established buyers are responsible for finding and bringing new items to market. They work through a trusted network of trend spotters and vendors to identify the hottest new styles and upcoming products. As a veteran of the industry, it only made sense to lean on Shawn’s experience when Shop LC decided to bring an all-new collection to our customers.

So, in October 2017, Shop LC executives approached Shawn about designing an entire collection of all-new timepieces.


The Inspiration Behind the Executive Collection

“Heather was the driving force behind me designing a collection,” he tells me with a smile. “She didn’t know that I’ve previously worked on our limited-edition Alpha Bravo Hero timepiece. While it was a very special experience, designing an entirely new collection is an entirely different thing!”

“At the height of collecting, I’ve owned around 150 different timepieces,” he explains to me. “Over the years, I’ve thinned my collection down to 85 favorites. But there are twelve I consider to be my staples. I wear them all the time! These are the timeless options that I always go back to,” Shawn says. “I wanted the Executive Collection to hold the same appeal.”

“But they had to be perfect.”

It was from these twelve watches that Shawn drew his inspiration for the EON 1962 Executive Collection.

“I brought in these watches,” he says, “and I showed them to Suraj, our jewelry buyer.”

Working together, Shawn and Suraj began the process of deciding what the ‘must-haves’ of the collection would be. These would become the signature elements of the series, such as the beveled bezel, Swiss assembled movement, and the sapphire crystal cap over the dial. Once finalized, the details were communicated to our factory partners for prototyping.

“We were shooting for a graduation or Father’s Day launch,” Shawn tells me, his tone becoming serious. “But they had to be perfect.”

The next eight months were grueling. Shawn relays how he’d hound Suraj for regular updates.

“This project is my baby. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of in my entire career. Normally, this kind of work would be done by a team of about six people, all managing different elements.”

By May, Shawn and Suraj hit a snag. “There was an issue with the bracelets. They didn’t feel right,” he shares with me. “I thought maybe we’d make it for Father’s Day instead. But that wouldn’t happen either,” he chuckles.

Close up of purple watch dial.

While re-engineering the watch bracelets, the factory also suggested an alternate band. “I initially didn’t consider a genuine leather band,” Shawn informs me. “But when I saw them for the first time, I really fell in love with the colors. We’ve learned that men really love the colored stones we sell, and it only made sense to offer these colored bands.”

The colored genuine leather bands of The Weekender reflect some of the most popular gemstones men choose in our men’s jewelry; green for Russian diopside, purple for amethyst, and blue for sapphire.

“When the metal watch bracelets were returned, I was blown away. They went the extra step and completely redesigned the band,” he shares. “Instead of the standard fold-over clasp, The Royale models are cleverly designed with a hidden clasp, for the appearance of a continuous bracelet. Another surprising detail was the addition of Roman numerals. They speak class, and I’m thrilled they made them to The Royale models.”

Shawn and I continue discussing all the cool features of these watches, each one quickly becoming a new favorite. For me, The Dress model with red dial really catches my eye. While tinkering with the timepiece, I ask Shawn to tell me about his favorite part of the experience.

“Working for a company that’s willing to believe in you and take a risk; that’s something.” His tone gets serious. “It’s not every day you get this opportunity, and after 26 years of selling, I’m really proud to present a collection that checks all the boxes in a premium men’s watch. These are the timepieces I’ve always wanted to sell.”


Introducing the Executive Collection

The Executive Collection by Eon 1962 is the most exceptional quartz movement watches ever offered by Shop LC. While each model provides a unique experience, each Executive Collection timepiece shares several premium features. These features alone are rarely seen together in watches under $200.

  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial cover.
  • Date display with magnification bubble.
  • Solid stainless steel case.
  • Beveled bezel.
  • Swiss-made RONDA 515 movement.
  • 3 ATM water resistance.
  • Screw down crown.
  • 42mm case diameter.
  • A one year warranty.

In addition to the above, each model in the Executive Collection boasts additional features unique to its model.

  • The Weekender: The ultimate in casual watches, The Weekender includes a genuine leather strap with green, purple and blue options. Hand-applied numerals finish the look.
  • The Dress: Perfect for your daily watch, The Dress sports a full stainless steel bracelet with single deployant clasp. Links are individually screwed for extra security. Hand-applied numerals complete this exquisite timepiece.
  • The Royale: Representing the most opulent options ever offered by Shop LC, The Royale pulls out all the stops. It’s substantial stainless steel “dive” style bracelet features individually screwed links. The decorated single deployant clasp with safety catch is one of the most secure closures offered on any watch, anywhere. Hand-applied Roman numerals signify luxury and class.


Discover the full range of EON 1962 watches available at Shop LC!

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