When it comes to men’s jewelry, there’s a fine line between too much and not enough. If your guy is starting to look a lot like Mr. T, we regret to inform you that he’s probably crossed the line. But don’t worry because we know that selecting jewelry for men can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t familiar with it. Read on to familiarize yourself with the different types of men’s jewelry.




Types of Men’s Jewelry


A lot of men’s jewelry, such as chains, watches and rings, will look familiar to women. There’s other jewelry that’s intended for specific clothing. The majority of the following pieces are perfect for a man that enjoys suits and the other finer things in life. Additional types of men’s jewelry reflect specific sports teams or pop culture icons. 



These are the ultimate accessories for men who like to look dapper. Cufflinks hold cuffs closed, and they will fit on most men’s dress shirts. They are often made from gold, silver, enamel, gemstones, and other precious materials. Cufflinks are almost always visible because they extend an inch or two past the sleeves. This is a great opportunity for a man to accessorize, especially since there are so many designs. Consider a man’s interests and see if there’s a suitable design of cufflinks.

Men’s Earrings


If a man has his ears pierced, then buying a nice pair of earrings for him makes your decision easy. Since most men prefer to wear studs, concentrate on finding simple earrings that are made with precious metals and stones. Branching out to diamond earrings is a great choice for men with a more bold sense of style. For an even more daring man, colored gemstones are a great choice. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate his birthstone.



Men’s Ring

A wedding band is the most common type of ring that men wear, but there’s much more types of rings to choose from. Gold bands with simple geometric designs are a good basic ring option. If he likes to show his personal style, a very popular type of ring is a signet ring. It has a large, flat surface that can be engraved. You can get it customized to feature his initials, his family crest or a meaningful symbol. This is a great gift choice because it’s personalized.

Tie Clips


Tie clips are another suitable gift for a suited man. They secure a man’s necktie to his shirt. Not only do they keep ties from flapping about, but they also provide an accent to the outfit. Even a basic design like a metal bar that slides over the tie, will make a dashing impact on a man’s wardrobe. Pick out a more interesting tie clip to spruce up a man that owns a lot of solid-colored ties.

Men’s Watches


This is one of the most common items in men’s jewelry. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive time-teller or a solid-gold investment, you can’t go wrong with a watch as a gift. A man’s watch doesn’t have to be encrusted with diamonds, or have 30 dials, or tell you the time in Malaysia. The most important thing is to choose a watch that fits his lifestyle and personality. When in doubt, choose a simple stainless steel watch. They go well with any outfit and they’re easy to find.



Money Clips


These metal clips are designed to neatly hold bills. Some even have room to hold ID and credit cards. Most money clips have a basic shape, but you can make this simple design more sophisticated with precious metals. Metal clips are a good choice if you want to get him a useful luxury gift.

Belt Buckles



Don’t make the mistake of thinking belt buckles are just for cowboys! When made with sterling silver and engraved with a decorative design, a belt buckle can fit perfectly into the workplace. Many high-quality men’s belts are designed to have interchangeable buckles. Since belt buckles tend to be larger than most of the other accessories for men, there are more options when choosing a style and a design.

Chains and Necklaces


These are very common, but make sure he likes neckwear before you fall in love with a long chain. You don’t want to get him a dapper necklace, only for it to sit in a box somewhere. Plain gold chains are popular with men. Pendants are also very popular, especially for men who like to wear religious symbols or a family crest.
Sometimes it’s hard to get a man to venture out of his comfort zone, when it comes to jewelry. Now you can confidently shop for men’s jewelry the next time a holiday comes up. Surprise him with sleek and sophisticated jewelry by tuning into our For Him show tomorrow from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. CT!

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