It’s that time of year again! Time for the endless school supply list, the task of organizing car pool and the responsibility of getting your kids out the door on time for the bus. Starting the new school year can be full of excitementand anxiety. Help calm your child’s fears (and your own) with our fact or fiction rundown, which features everything you need to know about sending your kids back to school!

Your kids will dread the first day of school.

The first day doesn’t have to be scary. Remind your child there are probably a lot of students who are just as uneasy about the first day. This applies to any school age. Teachers know how nerve-racking the first day can be, so they will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible.  You can also make the day easier by pointing out the positive aspects of starting school, like getting to see old friends.

It’s very important to choose the right type of backpack for your child’s health.

It’s important to choose a backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back. Pack light to prevent back injury. When putting items inside the backpack, be sure to place heavier items closest to the center of the back. If the school allows, consider a rolling backpack for your child. But don’t forget that the backpack still must be carried up stairs, and they can be difficult to fit in some lockers. Backpacks are great for the purpose of carrying everything around, so check out our backpack guide for tips on making them trendy!

The more after-school activities for your child, the better!

When it comes to extracurricular activities, you should go for quality, not quantity. Your child will benefit most from the activities that are fun and teach new skills. Too many scheduled activities can become overwhelming and stressful, especially for young children. You don’t want to make it harder for them to concentrate on schoolwork because they are thinking about all the things they have to do after class.

Shopping for school supplies can be enjoyable instead of strenuous.

Obtain the school supply list, and take a special shopping trip with your child. Many supermarkets and shopping centers provide the shopping lists of schools in their area. Having the right tools and supplies will help your child feel prepared. While keeping basic needs in mind, let your child pick out the colors of the notebooks or buy them cool pens for class. It will make the task fun for them instead of intimidating.

Everyone’s schedule will fall into place perfectly once the first day of school arrives.

Switching from summer to a school schedule can be quite stressful to everyone in the household. It doesn’t help that everyone is grumpy from lack of sleep either. Avoid all the mayhem of the first day of school by practicing your routine a few days in advance. This will allow you time to make mistakes, and you will be able to fix them before the real first day of school. Routines help children feel comfortable, and establishing these habits in advance will make the first day so much smoother.

There will be enough room left over in the budget to treat yourself.


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There you have it! We hope these tips will make the first day of school a little less scary and a lot smoother! Do you have any tips or advice on going back to school? Share it with us in the comments!