Birthstones exist across cultures and history. They reflect important aspects of society, such as religion or custom. Many groups use these symbolic stones to reflect tastes, thoughts, and trends. Join us as we examine the nature of the February birthstone.

The February-born may find

Sincerity and peace of mind,

Freedom from passion and from care,

If she an amethyst will wear.

-Traditional Birthstone Poem

Amethyst Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Modern Birthstone

Amethyst is the modern birthstone for February. It is purple quartz, and available in a range of purple tones. There are many options available in this regal hue, ranging from Rose de France to Uruguayan Amethyst.

For centuries amethyst was regarded as one of the five cardinal gems. These were the most valuable and rarest of all gemstones.

Large amethyst deposits, discovered in Brazil during the 18th century, made this coveted jewel readily available for a gem hungry public.

This discovery knocked amethyst off the cardinal gemstone list, leaving only diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. To this day, they hold their place as the most famous stones.

Rose De France Amethyst Ring in Stainless Steel

Rose de France Amethyst became popular during the Victorian Era.

Historical Birthstone

Amethyst can trace its use as a birthstone to the 15th century.

Also, pearl and hyacinth were once February birthstones. By the 20th century, these older birthstone lists transformed into the one used today.

February Birthstone Facts

  • Amethyst is the modern U.S. birthstone.
  • Aquarius (1/22-2/18) uses garnet as a birthstone.
  • Pisces (2/19-3/20) claims amethyst as their stone.
  • Amethyst has been a February birthstone since the 15th century.

Amethyst Geode Pendant in Sterling Silver

Your Birthstone

Many believe birthstones bring us luck. They continue to be a great gift, and birthstones are a unique way to tell a story about yourself.

Explore the full range of Amethyst birthstone jewelry today!

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