In honor of Customer Appreciation Week, the LC is celebrating YOU! Your love and support have meant so much to us, and we are honored to consider you family. From January 24th until January 30th, the LC will be providing you with insane savings and discounts to say, “Thank You!” From our loyal customers to our loyal employees, we value all of our LC Family members and wanted to share our favorite moments with you all, so here are the reasons why we love the LC Family!

They are just as obsessed with jewelry and gemstones as we are.

Omg these are GORGEOUS! I can’t even pick a favorite! If you don’t already shop from LC, you need to start! I’ve been so happy with every purchase so far!😍

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They love to get dressed up and look dapper.


They aren’t afraid to admit when they have a shopping problem.

Keep me away from the shopping channel. I think I made out ok with this quartz ring, but I may not be as lucky next time! #liquidationchannel #ifitsonsalebuyit

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The LC Family has a sense of humor.

JanYOUary - reasons we love the LC Family - humor

They love getting involved with the community for a good cause.

They love showing off their loved ones.

They love having fun at work and celebrating.


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Most importantly, we love our LC Family because you all are the reason we are a family in the first place!

This week is dedicated to you all. To show our appreciation, the next seven days will be filled with discounts, savings and more during our JanYOUary Event. Check out some of our fan-favorite collections for incredible savings!