Birthstones have existed across cultures throughout history. They reflect aspects of society, such as religion or custom. Modern times reflect these themes as well, as groups have updated these symbolic stones to reflect current tastes, thoughts, and trends. Join us as we examine the nature of the June birthstone.

Who comes with Summer to this earth

And owes to June her day of birth,

With ring of Agate on her hand,

Can health, wealth and long life command.

– Traditional Birthstone Poem

Modern June Birthstone

June has three birthstones, giving those born in June an incredible choice of birthstones, including pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.


Cultured Tahitian Pearl Pendant

We prize Cultured Tahitian Pearls for their deep body color.

Pearls are gems produced by living creatures. Most shelled mollusks can develop a pearl. However, rare gem-quality pearls don’t easily occur in nature. The majority of pearls available are cultured pearls. There are four primary groups of cultured pearls.


Alexandrite bangle in sterling silver.

Alexandrite changes color based on the lighting.

Often said to be ’emerald by day, ruby by night,’ alexandrite was first found in the Russian mines of the Ural Mountains. Folktales say that this color-changing gemstone was found on the birthday of Tsar Alexander II. This is why we call this gem alexandrite.


Moonstone ring in sterling silver.

Moonstone is known for its color shifting that occurs just under the surface of the gem.

Pliny, a Roman natural historian, has one of the earliest moonstone mentions. He describes its magical shifting appearance that follows the stages of the moon. Adularescence describes the color-changing phenomenon of moonstone, reminiscent of moonlight over water.

Historical June Birthstone

We know of at least three gemstones historically connected to June. Agate, turquoise, and cat’s eye are each former June birthstones.


Red agate ring in sterling silver.

Known as the ‘Earth Rainbow,’ the bands of this gemstone appear in almost every color, including a colorless form. Dendritic agate is one of the most popular types available.


South Hill Turquoise pendant in sterling silver.

South Hill Turquoise has a unique matrix.

We love this gemstone for its unique color and matrix found in some varieties available only from distinct locales. Many of the most popular types come from the American Southwest.

Your Birthstone

Some say birthstones bring luck to the wearer. They continue to be an excellent gift for jewelry lovers of jewelry. Birthstones are a unique way to tell a story about yourself! Which would you choose?

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