Maxi dresses are long and free flowing which make them great for the summer heat. They are a staple item to have in any closet because they are versatile, comfortable and quite flattering when styled correctly. These ankle-grazing dresses can be worn for work, vacation, a barbecue or even a wedding.

You can get really creative and express your personality by adding various accessories. Easily transform from casual chic to formal attire with the drop of a hat (literally). Here are several ways to accessorize a maxi dress for any occasion!

ScarvesMaximize Your Summer Style with Maxi Dresses - Aqua Scarf

These comfy accessories don’t have to be left in your winter wardrobe. Scarves made of light fabric such as rayon, linen or cotton can add character to your dress without making you feel like it’s 200 degrees. Bright or printed scarves, like this aqua-colored scarf, plays up any summer dress. Adding sunglasses to the mix will make the outfit complete.

Maximize Your Summer Style with Maxi Dresses - Mediterranean Coral PendantJewelry

Jewelry can really make an outfit. You can dress up a simple, solid colored maxi dress with bold necklaces and wide bracelets. Bright colors are in, so take advantage of this in the jewelry department. Splashes of orange will definitely make that neckline pop. Orange is a warm, vibrant and happy color, so don’t be afraid to use it frequently in your closet this season.

Long earrings with an up-do work great together for an outside wedding or a barbecue. Long pendants are flattering on maxi dresses with fun prints, so don’t be afraid to find a bold one like this Mediterranean coral pendant. Learn more about gifts from the sea like Mediterranean coral this in our guide.

BeltsMaximize Your Summer Style with Maxi Dresses - Maxi Dress with a Belt

Some people are hesitant when it comes to rocking maxi dresses because they don’t provide enough shape at times.  The solution to this possible drawback is finding the perfect belt! You can use thin belts, thick belts, sparkly belts or even beaded belts. A stylish belt will add shape to the dress, and it accentuates your waist. Be sure to get the right size because if it’s too tight or too loose, it will make the dress look less flattering.


If a sleeveless maxi dress is a little too casual for your taste, add layers to your ensemble. Depending on what you’re going for, jean jackets, blazers and sweaters are all appropriate options.

Blazers can be more formal and would work in a professional setting. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to go home after work to change your outfit. Instead, simply take off the blazer and you’re ready for a casual night out. Cardigans are also nice to pair with a maxi dress, especially if your office is chilly (aren’t they all?!). You can choose anything from cropped and fitted to draped and long.

Maximize Your Summer Style with Maxi Dresses - Layers

Now that you have several ideas of how to get the most out of your maxi dress this summer, go out and accessorize! The most important thing is to go with what you like. If you’re not comfortable in a denim jacket or with a waist belt, try something else. It’s all about your personal style!

How do you plan to rock a maxi dress this summer?