The November birthstone is citrine, which is a yellow variety of quartz displaying hues ranging from pale yellow to brown. Citrine is recognized as one of the most popular and frequently purchased yellow gemstones. The ferric or iron impurities found in its structure is responsible for this stunning color.
It’s actually quite rare to find natural citrines. Most citrines sold on the market are heat-treated amethysts or smoky quartz. Visually, citrine is very similar to yellow topaz. However, they differ in hardness.
One of the best qualities of this beautiful stone is its affordability! Even fine citrine doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Price per carat doesn’t rise dramatically for larger sizes, so even the large stones remain affordable. It’s hard to believe that such a gorgeous stone won’t break the bank.
Here at the LC, we actually offer two specific citrines. One is called Santa Ana Madeira Citrine and the other is simply known as Brazilian Citrine.

Brazilian Citrine

Novemeber Birthstone Citrine - BRAZILIAN CITRINE

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The LC acquires Brazilian Citrine from the Rio Grande do Sul, home to the best quality of citrines in the world. This section borders both Uruguay and Argentina. Currently there are two mines producing citrine, the Serra and Iraâ mines. Each mine yields a minor portion per month and the LC is fortunate to acquire its supply from the Serra mines!

Santa Ana Madeira Citrine

Novemeber Birthstone Citrine - Santa Ana Madeira Citrine
Santa Ana Madeira Citrine displays a beautiful, blazing red-orange to red-brown color that is one of the most sought-after varieties of citrine. This gemstone is named after the fortified wine made in the Madeira Islands just off the coast of Portugal. This color is a very unique and rare find. Less than two percent of all citrine comes in this color that we call Madeira Citrine.
With the holidays quickly approaching, citrine jewelry makes the perfect gift. Check out our full citrine collection online! If you want to discover more gifts for your loved ones, be sure to check out our Birthstone Gift Guide