Layers, boots, white chocolate mochas– can you tell the Holiday season is heading our way? As fashionistas, it is crucial for us to stay on top of the trends for fall/winter 2015.  With all of the chaos around us, how can we find time to figure out our winter essentials? No need to fret, I am here to help  you update your wardrobe for winter with the 8 stylish November Must Haves!

Floppy Wool Hat

Hats, scarves, jewels, no matter what your accessory of choice may be, accessories complete your outfit of the day. This fall you cannot be caught without a floppy wool hat. For a while I thought these floppy hats looked silly on me, but what I have found is you need to find the right brim width for your head shape.  You can pair this hat with just about any outfit. For a fashion forward minimal look, pair this hat with a chunky solid colored sweater, black skinny jeans and a statement necklace.

November Must Haves - Floppy HatNovember Must Haves - floppy brim hat

Blanket Wrap

I don’t know about you, but my kimono obsession was a bit crazy this past summer. I love the fact that kimonos are simple to wear, and not to mention comfortable. Now that sweater weather has come around, it is time to replace my summer kimonos with blanket wraps. Just like summer kimonos, blanket wraps are easy, comfortable, and chic. For a trendy winter look belt a wrap over a fun long sleeve T-shirt, and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and tall boots.  For more coverage, you can pin the corner of the wrap on your opposite should with a brooch for some added flare.

Blanket Wraps

November Must Haves - Blanket Wrap

Over The Knee Boots

Boots are a fall and winter essentials. My favorite style of boots are over the knee boots. They are both sexy and sophisticated. I feel boots have been a classic staple piece in fall and winter wardrobes, and now many designers are adding embellishments, such as bling and fringe, to make boots a fun addition to your shoe collection.

November Must Haves - Thigh High Boots

Wool Scarf

My least favorite part of winter is the cold weather. However, my favorite part of winter is dressing in layers…ironic I know. Throughout the season, I always depend on scarves to complete my look for the day. A wool scarf is essential in my wardrobe to keep me warm, cozy and stylish all season. I love tying my scarves in different ways to create a new and fresh look each time I wear them. Learn a new way to tie a scarf from one of my favorite YouTube scarf tutorials!

November Must Haves - Scarf

Metal Box Clutch  

During the Holiday season, I always find it difficult to find the perfect handbag to carry with all of my festive outfits. Thanks to Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015, I was inspired to carry a boxy embellished metal clutch. These are great because they have just enough room for all of my essentials, but are still small enough to carry on all of my holiday adventures. Although these clutches may be small, they are most certainly eye-catching. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be using these a metal clutch as a statement piece for many events this season.

November Must Haves - Metal ClutchNovemeber Must Haves

Bucket Bag

Spacious and stylish– what more can a girl ask for ?! I am loving the comeback of the bucket bag. It is structured, yet not too structured. It’s stylish, yet not too stylish. From the outside you would never guess how much room there is to fit all of your essentials, plus more! The bucket bag is a style handbag that can be considered fashion forward, but be carried for many years to come. As a bling queen, I love embellishments on nearly anything. The fact that bucket bags can come embroidered, all beaded with front pockets or plain, gives me many options to play around with.  Besides the  playful embellishments, I think the shape of the bag feels modern and new. That’s why I love the look immensely.

November Must Haves - Bucket BagNovember Must Haves - Bucket bag

Vamp Lip

A dark vamp lip can turn your look from drab to fab in a heartbeat. As Coco Chanel says, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” I do not know about you, but when I put on lipstick, I instantly feel more confident and empowered. A deep plum, maroon or black cherry lip color is perfect for fall, and it can make any woman feel glamorous. For the complete look, try doing minimal eye makeup and wear a bold lip for a sexy and edgy vibe. Don’t forget to line your lips to get the perfect pout!

I love the natural eye, and bold port colored lip. This is a great look to try for work. Try with a simple pulled back hair style so that the lip color doesnt overwhelm your look.:

Faux Fur Pouf

Fur is huge this winter. From fur vests to furry boots to fur stoles, you can find fur just about anywhere. If you want to accent your wardrobe with some fuzzy fun accessories, try out a faux fur pouf key chain. These designer inspired key chains originated with the Fendi fur monsters and were soon imitated by many high end designers. I love how you can attach these fun, colorful poufs to the handle on your handbag for some added winter flare to your classic structured bag!

Those are my November Must Haves! Which one (or two) of these items are you dying to add to your wardrobe?

icm_fullxfull.66002214_sgnuiq3701csoc88ogs4Victoria Orzech is a fashion blogger and the stylish owner of Fashion Avenue East, which she created to express her style and to inspire others to dress to express. After years of fashion hits, faux pas and working retail for seven years, Victoria has picked up styling tips and tricks to make anyone look and feel fabulous!