A member of the beryl gemstone family, Marropino morganite shines in pale pink to rosy tones. The LC is excited to be able to offer this romantic gemstone during such a romantic month at unbeatable prices. Continue reading to discover more about this rare and exotic gemstone. 2116831_1

Rose beryl, pink emerald, pink beryl and cesian beryl are all nicknames given to Marropino morganite. Much like emerald and aquamarine, this gemstone is a well-liked member of the beryl family. Pure beryl is colorless and gains its color from the addition of external elements like iron, manganese, chromium or vanadium during the rock formation process. When beryl blends with manganese, it becomes an enchanting pink gem called morganite.

2231236_1Morganite reveals an amazing radiance and subtle hue variations from a cool lavender-pink to a warm peach. In raw form, this gemstone displays a pale salmon. Heat is applied to bring out cooler pink tones. Occasionally, it can be found in darker tones, similar to pink sapphire.

Its popularity has continued to rise, driven by the discovery of a premium deposit in Mozambique. With unmatched color depth and quality, Mozambique stones have been called one of the best versions of morganite on the market. The LC obtains this rare gem from the Marropino mine, located in the Zambezia province in Northern Mozambique.

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According to gem-lore, morganite is associated with matters of the heart. It brings love to your life and allows you act from love and compassion. What better month to feature this lovely gemstone than February? Join the LC today from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. CT during our Marropino Morganite Show! Find the perfect piece of jewelry for that special someone before Valentine’s Day.