You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen. You know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. And you even know Rudolph, but do you recall the wonderful accessories inspired by this holiday classic? If not, continue reading to discover nine reindeer-inspired accessories that also make great gift ideas!


reindeer inspired accessories - dasher

This dashing EON 1962 Japanese Movement watch is made of stainless steel and would be the perfect gift for any guy with style. Not only does it feature exquisite designs, it’s also water resistant!


reindeer inspired accessories - dancer

Whether you’re dancing at your company’s holiday party or in your living room in from of the Christmas tree, this beautiful Austrian crystal headband will be sure to keep hair out of your face. This chic accessory makes for a perfect stocking stuffer!


reindeer inspired accessories - prancer

Prancing is so much more comfortable when you’re doing it in cozy boot cuffs! Not only do they keep your toes extra snug, but they also add pizazz to your winter boots. We have several different colors to match any ensemble.


reindeer inspired accessories - vixen

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, check out our enticing clutches to look like a “vixen.” A stylish clutch will allow you to carry all of your essentials without dragging you down the whole night.


reindeer inspired accessories - comet

Just like Comet, meteorite jewelry is out of this world! Sparkling with uniqueness, this marvelous meteorite pendant is fashioned in sterling silver with platinum overlay.


reindeer inspired accessories - cupid

Filled with love, our Cupid-inspired accessory is this stunning Tanzanite heart pendant! Charming and graceful, this elegant piece of jewelry will add style and color to your look. In a setting of sterling silver with platinum overlay, this is a great choice for a gift idea.


reindeer inspired accessories - donner

Donner is actually german for thunder. Oregon Blue Opal can be found inside of thunder eggs, which are geological structures that form within lava flows. This gorgeous Oregon blue opal ring would be perfect for any occasion.


reindeer inspired accessories - blitzen

Similar to Donner, Blitzen is german for lightening. What is more electric than a dazzling sequin scarf?! This accessory is perfect to rock during New Years Eve because it shines and it keeps you warm.


reindeer inspired accessories - rudolph

Of course our final reindeer-inspired accessory is influenced by Rudolph’s famous red nose! This J Francis red tote is designed with a detachable strap and enough room inside to carry all of your favorite things.