Rose Gold: Blush Metallic Treasures All Year Long

| Is it surprising to learn that there are several varieties of gold? Besides classic yellow gold, this brilliant metal also occurs in white gold and rose gold varieties. The blushing metal is one of the hottest trends in recent years, featuring prominently across the world of fashion, showing up in jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Warm and flush, this pink metal is here to stay!

What is Rose Gold?

Amethyst rose gold line bracelet.

When dealing with fine jewelry, jewelers express gold content in karats. Karats are a unit of measure that describes how much actual gold is in an object. To make gold an easier metal to work into exquisite jewelry the metal is typically combined with other metals. Alloys are blends of two or more metals. Alloys lower cost, making it more accessible to consumers while making the material more durable and easier to work with for jewelers!

As more metal blends into gold, its purity lowers. In karats, this purity measures from a scale of 24 karats (99.99% gold) through 10 karats (41.7% gold). Rose gold is a gold alloy. It combines yellow gold with amounts of copper and silver to create its unique pinkish hue of color. The more copper added to the blend, the redder the metal becomes. Because of this, rose gold might be known as pink gold or even red gold.

Rose gold traces back to the eighteenth century when it was discovered by goldsmiths experimenting with varying alloys, producing white, green and pinks varieties of color. Later, it underwent a huge surge in popularity during the age of Imperial Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century. Carl Fabergé, the jeweler to the court, crafted several treasures from this precious metal, including the world famous “Moscow Kremlin” egg. It was his most expensive commission to the Imperial family. It’s popularity during this period lead to it being called “Russian gold.”

During the last few years, rose gold has moved beyond just jewelry. Featuring prominently in all sorts of products, you can even find it in consumer electronics like smart phones and headphones!

Who Should Wear Rose Gold?

Red Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Whether as rose gold dangle earrings, or a special statement ring, it’s is an excellent choice for virtually any complexion. Expressing less decadence than burnished yellow gold, rose gold is warmer and more inviting. The metal’s playful nature makes it popular in casual fashion but retains enough sophistication for formal events. One of 2017’s hottest trends, it’s obvious that pink metal has reached total saturation in our collective consciousness.

Using rose gold jewelry is a great way to enhance your summer fashion, but the metal’s versatility is fantastic for bold experimentation. It’s perfect for incorporating into ring stacking and other fun trends. Use the pink alloy as a transition metal for saying farewell to summer and embracing the cooler weather of fall.

Pairing well with pastels and neutrals use rose gold for a hint of femme flair throughout the year. Learn what colors work best for you in our guide for more tips.

How Should I Choose Rose Gold Jewelry?

Rose de France rose gold dangle earrings.

With a delicate and compassionate color, the pink metal is perfect for hosting softly colored gems such as kunzite, rose quartz, or Rose de France amethyst. Gold is a popular choice for rings, and a ring can quickly become your favorite statement piece.

Alternately, rose gold dangle earrings are a clever way to showcase this blushing metal subtly. Whether you choose to make dangle earrings or buy them online, it’s easy to personalize your look. Rose gold dangle earrings are as bold as you require, making it simple to select the perfect pair.

How are you embracing this blushing pink metal?