St. Patricks Day Must Have Collage

There’s lots of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but what about looking your best? Consider these St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas for adding even more cheer to this time-honored holiday. It’s a great way to make you or loved ones feel as lucky as the Irish themselves.

1. Peridot Jewelry

What better way to wear green than with stunning peridot jewelry? Peridot’s vibrant green color leads many to mistake this gem for emerald. With colors including light yellow-green chartreuse, bottle green, deep olive, brownish green and emerald green, you have a lot to choose from.

2. Lucky Décor

Spruce up your home or office with a little Irish luck. This poster can easily be incorporated into the rest of your décor because its main color is gold, a neutral that works with everything.

3. Green Floral Dress

Dress up this St. Patty’s Day with a fun and flirty floral dress. This green dress from ModCloth showcases a popping scarlet, violet, chartreuse, black and white print. The best part is that you can rock this dress on any spring day, not just Tuesday!

4. DIY Irish Coffee Mug

Are you more of a crafter than a buyer? Check out this simple and affordable DIY project. At the end of the project, you’ll have an adorable Irish coffee mug. Make one for yourself or for a friend!

5. Green Beverages

St. Patrick’s Day won’t be complete without a festive green drink. Check out these delicious green cocktails. Include alcohol or not, the decision is up to you!

6. Vegan Leather Tote

Whether your St. Patty’s Day plans involve going out to the nearest pub or going to the office, grab a handy tote to hold all of your essentials. The spacious interiors of these nifty handbags won’t let you forget anything.