Layering your clothes during cooler weather will not only keep you warm, but it can also show off your stylish personality. Many women are afraid to layer their clothes in fear of looking bulky or large. However, when it’s done correctly, a perfectly layered look will complement your curves and make for a more proportional silhouette.  

Inner Layer

Always start with a very basic, lightweight top. Find something neutral, solid or striped. Keep the layers closest to you more fitted. It will make your shape look sleeker.

Next Layer

Next, add another layer such as a soft cardigan or sweater. You can add color by making this layer bright and lively. Have fun with it by using a pattern for this layer. This would be the perfect time to include exotic print into your outfit.

Outermost Layer

Now it’s time to add an outer layer. Wear a basic colored coat or jacket. Choose a color like camel, black, navy or brown. Finally, add the final touch with a pretty scarf and shiny jewelry, like a statement necklace. If you are concerned about losing your waistline under all of the layers, finish your look with a thin belt.

And as a last bit of advice, use more than one texture. If you use all of the same material, your look will appear hefty and dreary. Instead, incorporate different fabrics and own your trendy new look!

Now that you’ve discovered the basics of layering, try it out for yourself! We’d love to see photos of your layering ideas, so post them in the comment section and on our Instagram!