Why does shopping for Dad feel so hard? If your Dad is like mine, he has done so much, yet asked so little in return. This year, consider something that is timeless yet contemporary. I’ve curated a selection of men’s rings, offering something that any guy will love as a Father’s Day gift. As a dad myself, I feel that these ten unique rings each have something special to offer – which will you choose?

Smoky Quartz Halo Ring

Brazilian Smoky Quartz and Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

First up is this Brazilian Smoky Quartz halo ring. Smoky quartz is a popular gem for men’s jewelry. Displaying masculine hues of brown and gray, it is also a durable stone that handles the rigors of daily wear exceptionally well. A halo of white zircon gems frames this beautiful gem for a gift that is perfectly at home for any occasion, whether work or play.

Natronite Three-Stone Ring

Tanzanian Natronite and White Topaz Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Looking for something as unique as your Dad? Consider this Tanzanian Natronite three-stone ring. Natronite is a rare, naturally occurring cherry quartz. Only recently available to our customers, it is a gem guaranteed to stand out! Colorless zircons frame the round, expertly-set natronite gemstones, for a clean, modern look like no other.

Yellow Gold Band Ring

Men's Band Ring Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

Perhaps Dad is a bit more low-key and classy? Then you’ll want to consider this 10K yellow gold vermeil band ring. Manly bands like this remain one of the most popular and safest choices in men’s rings. Vermeil is a premium gold finish. It requires the thickest coating of gold over a sterling silver base, creating an authentic lux look.

Bezel-set Moldavite Ring

Bohemian Moldavite and Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

If you are looking for something extra, why not consider the extraterrestrial? Bohemian Moldavite is a gemstone from a meteoric impact occurring thousands of years ago. The moldavite gem is bezel-set in this ring for safety in precious sterling silver. Clean, geometric lines and zircon accents add a sense of mysterious sophistication.

Color Changing Fluorite Ring

Color Change Fluorite Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Shifting from a bluish turquoise to a blue-lavender hue, this simple Color Change Fluorite solitaire ring is perfect for any man of simple tastes. The cushion-cut stone is elegantly set in sturdy prongs, putting this amazing jewel on display. A dimpled shank offers a touch of texture to this modern classic.

Art Deco Inspiration

Emerald Quartz and Russian Diopside Men's Ring in Black Rhodium and Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

For a bit of flash and glamour, look no further than this Emerald Quartz men’s ring. Demanding attention, this triplet gem is precision-crafted to simulate a real emerald. The broad shank supports the rectangle step-cut stone, and winged prongs hold it securely in place. Carefully placed chrome diopside accents offer decadent elegance that even Gatsby would admire.

A Piece of the Past

Turquoise Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Turquoise is one of the oldest mined gems. With inclusions of pyrite, this handsome turquoise gleams in a sturdy bezel setting. Cleans lines and a gently raised shank create a look of subtle sophistication and that any guy will appreciate in a turquoise ring.

Champagne Diamond Ring

Natural Champagne Diamond and Diamond Men's Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

Diamond rings remain a classic choice, and this Champagne Diamond ring offers a contemporary take on this traditional design. Three diagonal rows of round diamonds create a sense of movement in this ring. 10K yellow gold vermeil gives this ring a premium finish for years of enjoyment.

Silver Sapphire Men’s Ring

Natural Silver Sapphire and Natural Thai Black Spinel Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Serene and calming, this Silver Sapphire ring offers a bold and robust prong-set gem. Black spinel gems are set in a halo around the jewel, with more accenting the shoulders of the ring. Sharp lines lend the design a sense of power. Precious sterling silver gives these gems a home that helps their color take center stage.

Spin Me Right Round

Platinum Over Men's Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

The final manly band on our list, this sterling silver spinner ring is a marvel of design. Etched with crisscrossing lines, this spinner ring provides a look that works equally well with casual or business dress. If you are looking for men’s pinky rings, this is one of your best bets!

Check out our collection of web-exclusive men’s jewelry for even more unique rings for Dad!

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