August babies are believed to have huge confidence and great organizational skills. The August-born have two birthstones: peridot and pink spinel. These are very different stones. But here we are focusing on peridot rings. August babies are certain to fall in love with this stone!

This stone was mined in Egypt as early as 1500 BC. Peridot was adored by the Egyptians, though they didn’t always know it was peridot. Emeralds were also mined, and in ancient times they were considered to be the same stone. A lot of Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection turned out to be peridot. But, Cleopatra was not alone in this confusion.

In Germany’s Cologne Cathedral we find peridot. It adorns this shrine of three holy kings. Now, you must be thinking about where this radiant stone can be found? We find this stone in all parts of the world. Examples include Mexico and Arizona. Have you heard about Hawaiian Diamonds? Don’t be surprised. Peridot is sometimes erroneously known as Hawaiian Diamonds.

Are you looking for something valuable for your 16th anniversary? Peridot is a traditional gift for the 16th anniversary. Celebrate your anniversary with this shining stone and let it bring some light to your lives!


Peridot is a glimmering birthstone for August babies. It is a bright green, sort of yellow green olivine. It ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is reasonably hard. You can wear it in any type of jewelry, like peridot rings. Some say peridot dissolves enchantments. And it is especially powerful when set in gold. This stone comes with extraordinary benefits. It is believed to cleanse your emotional wounds, and thwart heartbreak.



Peridot halo ring in sterling silver.

How much difficulty do you face in finding a perfect ring? Sometimes you just feel like giving up. Please don’t! This perfectly designed ring is just for you. The peridot stone is forged in platinum over sterling silver. And the beautifully set zircon makes it more appealing. This peridot ring is best for every occasion. You can wear this with any outfit for a stunning look. 


Green teardrop ring.

Flaunt your unique style with this gorgeous peridot ring. The adorably set zircons add a spark to your ensemble. Moreover, it will also make the world drool over it. The ring is crafted in sterling silver. The olive green hue of this ring is charismatic!


Gold peridot ring.

Once your eyes fall onto this piece you can’t hold back! This solitaire ring is stunning. The ring is beautified with Arizona peridot, which is highly prized for its olive tone. Featuring an enchanting hue, Arizona peridot captivates with intriguing displays. Wearing this ring will make a lasting impression. Don’t second guess and be the first to grab this stunning ring.


Green flower ring in sterling silver.

The floral ring signifies joy and beauty. Exuding divine brilliance this accessory will indeed be a beautiful reminder of warmth and love. It has four floral petals and a star in the center. The ring is crafted in sterling silver.


Green stone floral ring.

The flawless blaze of this floral ring is something that makes it look extra special. This statement-making ring is beautifully set with Arizona peridot. The frame of this jewel is crafted with sterling silver, offering a smooth surface. You can wear this beautiful ring daily.


Green cross ring.

This cross ring is truly majestic! The peridot stone is embedded in a cross made of sterling silver. How frequent visits do you pay at holy places? Isn’t this ring just perfect for such visits? It has an infinity symbol coiled over the cross for extra appeal.


Peridot three stone ring.

This three stone ring is simple yet elegant. It has three peridot stones which enhance its beauty. It is crafted in sterling silver. You can wear this on any occasion. This would truly be a gem of your jewel collection!


Green petal ring.

This unique and simple ring is just stunning. It has three olive petals for a  simple look. Girl this ring is for you! Zircon accents give this ring a shiny appearance. It is crafted in sterling silver enhancing its durability.


Green gem split shank ring.

This glamorous ring is made with yellow gold vermeil. It is the perfect example of luxury. An enchanting frame is studded with finely cut Arizona peridot and white zircons. The unique design of this ring is awesome. The mesmerizing pattern will catch the spectator’s eyes in a second. Gift yourself or your loved ones something unique this August!


Peridot split shank ring.

This gorgeous ring will leave you in awe. The peridot stone is embedded in this ring. It also has eye-catching flower designs. It is a great choice to wear at any gathering. The best part is this ring will blend well with any outfit. Just grab it! 

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