Pink is one of the most popular tourmaline color choices. We love this blushing gem for its vibrant rosy color. It is one of those things just that just makes you smile! Tourmaline is one of the oldest gemstones. However, it wasn’t until the late 1800s that we understood it to be a unique gem. Today, pink tourmaline rings are one of the most popular jewelry choices. Here’s why!

Pink three stone ring.


Being a light red, pink is usually seen as a softer interpretation of concepts like health, vigor, and energy. Notably, pink gems typically bear association with feminine power, love, and joy. Think of it as that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ we get when we think of loved ones.

Specifically, pink tourmaline symbolizes wealth, friendship, and love. Gem therapists suggest that pink stones help open our heart chakra, which radiates joy and engages our social selves. We give pink tourmaline rings as gifts to our closest friends, October babies, and the Scorpio in our life. With this gift, we wish them happiness, wealth, and health!



Rose gold pink tourmaline ring.

No collection of pink tourmaline rings is complete without a solitaire ring! This jewelry piece is resplendent in 10K rose gold. The pink oval gem is carefully framed with a terrific starburst halo of glittering zircons. This is a selection that will always rise to the occasion.



Genuine pink tourmaline ring.

We love this stacking ring for two reasons. If you’re ready to pile up a bunch of stackable rings, this pink gem adds some much-needed sparkle. Seven pink tourmaline jewels add a healthy dose of rosy fun. However, this ring also stands on its own as a lovely minimalistic accessory.



Pink tourmaline ring rose gold

Capture a retro look with this antique-inspired pink tourmaline ring. Triple baguette gems rest on top of a simple rose gold vermeil shank. It’s a charming and luxurious combo that simply needs no tricks to shine.



Signature Collection platinum pink tourmaline ring.

Directly from our Signature Collection comes this stunning pink tourmaline ring! The teardrop jewel is prong set for maximum brilliance. Genuine diamonds accent a broad shank for incredible scintillation. A home of pure platinum makes this one of the most lux rings you’ll find!



Pink tourmaline halo ring.

This heaven-sent halo ring is sure to be a favorite in any collection of pink tourmaline rings! A single glistening pink jewel is crowned with a wreath of glittering zircon accents for a beautiful shine. Big enough to wear alone, this treasure also lends itself well to stacking.



Pink cluster ring.

One of the most unique rings we’ve seen is this stacking cluster ring. Clever construction allows you to wear it as a pretty pink tourmaline cluster ring. But, for extra glitz, slide on the pink tourmaline band ring for extra pink power! You could even substitute another band ring of your choice.



Pink tourmaline ring rose gold.

Past, present, future, a trilogy ring represents many things. Knowing the pink tourmaline ring meaning, this ring is a great gift for any special friend who is close to your heart. Bezel set gems stay safely secure, and the openwork setting lets in plenty of light for brilliant shine!



Pink tourmaline ring yellow gold.

Of all the pink tourmaline rings we have the pleasure to share, this is truly one of the most fantastic! Mirrored rows of soft pink morganite feature accents of intense pink tourmaline. A luxurious finish of 14K yellow gold helps create one of the most visually complex designs we have ever seen!



Pink art ring.

This artful pink ring serves up a single tourmaline gem on a bed of 14K rose gold. A graceful curve of zircon gems provides a gently accent. Open latticework creates a compelling visual organic texture. What more can we say?



Kunzite cocktail ring.

This time, let intense and vibrant kunzite take the lead in this compelling cocktail ring. Accents of deeply colored pink tourmaline frame the cushion cut stone, lifting it upward. Lustrous rose gold vermeil provides a crisp and glossy finish for one amazing package.


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