Cool down, warm up

As summer starts winding down, familiar scenes begin to play out. Kids are back in school (even if distance learning), the weather starts to cool, and…one other thing. Is that the scent of pumpkin spice in the air? Yes, that’s right! Pumpkin spice everything is about to come back. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying this herald of fall. And, while we can’t tell you how to take the perfect coffee selfie, here are 10 pumpkin spice rings to help you out.

Baltic Amber

Pear shaped amber ring in sterling silver.

Considered to be a “window to the past,” Baltic Amber is an organic gem made from fossilized tree resin. Your barista might not remember your name, but this ring is sure to make an impression!

Shop this Baltic Amber ring.

Korevora Sunstone

Korevora Sunstone ring in sterling silver.

Sunstone shimmers like our nearest star, Sol, when it catches the light. This glitter effect is known as schiller, or aventurescence.

Shop this Korevora Sunstone ring.

South Sea Cultured Pearl

Bali Legacy South Sea Cultured Peal ring in sterling silver.

Some of the most desirable pearls come from South Sea water. Ranging from creamy white to golden, these pearls perfectly capture the milky essence of a freshly poured latte.

Shop this South Sea Cultured Pearl ring.

Santa Ana Madeira Citrine

Santa Ana Madeira Citrine ring in sterling silver.

Named for a fortified Portuguese wine, this citrine variety seems to glow within.

Shop this Santa Ana Madeira Citrine ring.

Premium Santa Ana Madeira Citrine

Ranging in color from a golden orange to a burnt cider hue, these more deeply colored stones are rarer and more valuable. It truly shines in this solitaire setting.

Shop this Premium Santa Ana Madeira Citrine ring.


Sphalerite ring in 10K yellow gold vermeil.

Often thought of as only a collector’s stone, sphalerite is also an amazing gem for jewelry. The amazing dispersion of this stone makes it a true breathtaking delight!

Shop this Sphalerite ring.

Orange Mojave Turquoise

Orange Mojave Turquoise ring in sterling silver.

With its unique metallic matrix, Mojave Turquoise offers lots of exciting visual appeal. Orange Mojave Turquoise is pumpkin perfection for your finger.

Shop this Orange Mojave Turquoise ring.

Champagne Diamond

Champagne Diamond ring in 14K rose gold.

Champagne diamonds evoke the essence of their namesake, fine sparkling wine. They exhibit all the virtues of diamond such as remarkable hardness, a very high refractive index, and exceptional fire.

Shop this Champagne Diamond ring.

Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite ring in sterling silver.

Spessartite garnet is a unique pyrope-almandine member of the garnet family. This naturally occurring combination gives it an unusually high refractive index and exceptional brilliance.

Shop this spessartite garnet ring.

Jalisco Fire Opal

Jalisco Fire Opal ring in sterling silver.

As its name suggests, this gem sprang from ancient volcanoes in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Ancient Maya and Aztec called this treasure the “stone of the bird of paradise.”

Shop this Jalisco Fire Opal ring.

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