Are you struggling with holiday gift ideas? There’s no need! Year over year, solid gold jewelry remains a top gift choice. But why is that? There are many reasons. Holding a piece of gold, you can feel its heft. This substantial feel lets us know we are holding something valuable. Most of us know gold for its classic yellow color. Its brilliant burnished luster radiates warmth and luxury. Did you know that gold comes in other colors? Many are surprised to learn that there is also rose gold and white gold jewelry.


Okay, so gold jewelry is now on your list of holiday gift ideas! But, how do you buy it? One important thing to know is how much gold you are getting. Standing on its own, pure gold is actually quite soft for a metal. As a result, we blend gold with other metals to produce alloys. As the amount of valuable gold can vary, we need a way to keep track! So, we measure the fineness of gold by karats. Abbreviated with a ‘K,’ karats measure how much actual gold is contained within our gold jewelry.

14K gold tends to be the most popular choice for gold jewelry. It contains 58.3% gold. Other popular blends include 10K gold and 18K gold jewelry, such as what you will find in the ILIANA jewelry collection. Metallurgists tinker with gold alloys to create new varieties of gold. By adding a little more copper, we get rose gold. By using more white metals, they produce white gold. No matter what though, it’s all real gold jewelry!


Often, we think of luxuries like gold as out of reach. Many can feel intimidated by its price tag. Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about. Affordable gold jewelry is within reach and suitable for all your holiday gift ideas.


Upon first glance, these might appear to be just be three gold bands. However, take a closer look. A gentle wave carries the line of this design, creating an elegant look however your choose to wear them. This ring set is one of our favorite holiday gift ideas, as you can give them together, or split them with your two closest besties!


Gold jewelry remains a leading choice for minimalist jewelry. And, it is easy to see why! This simple gold pendant is understated and elegant. The graceful design of this jewelry piece finds itself equally at home with your favorite casual or formal look. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they’ll be reaching for this piece again and again.


A gold curb chain bracelet is a classic choice that anyone can love. Crafted in 10K yellow gold, it’s the perfect start piece for any collection! Suitable for a woman or a man, these solid interconnected links create a great braided look. A robust lobster claw clasp provides a secure closure.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of elegant hoop earrings! These 10K gold hoop earrings offer a contemporary twist to a classic design. The beaded look adds interesting visual texture for a warm burnished look. Hinged closures make these earrings easy to wear, but secure enough to wear daily!


One of the more popular holiday gift ideas is heart jewelry. And, when viewing this twin heart ring it is easy to see why! Mirrored hearts join at the center of this elegant ring, capturing the feelings we carry for that someone special. A textured surface reflects light as you move to create a unique, eye-catching piece.


Why does gold remain the ‘gold standard’ in minimalistic jewelry? Maybe these openwork gold drop earrings will help answer that question. Simple fishhooks slide in for an easy fit, allowing these golden orbs to lightly dangle. The intricate geometric textures make it one of the finest holiday gift ideas around!


Gold and diamonds, aren’t they the perfect combination? This exquisite gold diamond ring contains genuine diamonds, graded for color and clarity. Each is precisely mounted against solid 14K yellow gold, making for a decadent gift that you might just want to keep for yourself.


Truly one of the most magical gemstones, few others compare to opal. With fascinating play-of-color, gentle pastel hues seem to dance just below the surface of this Ethiopian jewel. A solitaire setting is perfect for presenting the natural beauty of Mother Nature. This yellow gold opal ring isn’t just for October babies!


Diamond jewelry is timeless, and these diamond stud earrings are no exception. Minimal solitaire settings cradle each diamond for maximum brilliance in a setting of 14K yellow gold. Screw back settings provide enhanced security, keeping these precious earrings firmly in place.


Inspired by the mythical Tree of Life, this gold tree pendant gives lives to any ensemble! Artfully designed branches reach out to the edge of this pendant. Here, a textured finish provides visual interest. It is the perfect gift for anyone who you want to put down roots with.

Ready for more holiday gift ideas? View our selection of gold jewelry.

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