Tanzanite Rings for Under $100

Sometimes, rare jewels like tanzanite can feel like they are out of reach. However, that simply isn’t true! Shop LC offers a range of real tanzanite rings for every budget. The best part? Each of these beauties is under $100. How? We work directly with trusted vendors or the mines themselves to bring you the best value for money. Take a look for yourself and maybe you’ll find your own favorite blue tanzanite ring!

Tanzanite Halo Ring

Oval tanzanite ring.

Halo rings remain a popular choice for engagement rings. But, they’re also a popular ‘just because’ choice too! This oval tanzanite ring features a stunning halo of brilliant diamonds. Together, they create an exquisite ballerina look.

GP Collection Tanzanite Ring

Rose gold tanzanite ring.

Did you know the Giuseppe Perez Collection has tanzanite jewelry? A generously sized tanzanite gem finds itself flanked by precious pink sapphires. A premium rose gold vermeil finish completes this luxe looking ring.

Elegant Tanzanite Ring

Sterling silver tanzanite ring.

A breath-taking halo captures this marvelous tanzanite gem. Taking things to another level, this setting finds itself perched on top of a subtle bypass design. Combining luxury sensibilities with practical affordability, why not make this your own?

Tanzanite Solitaire Ring

Solitaire tanzanite ring.

A sturdy oval tanzanite takes center stage in this impressive ring. Accents of zircon flank the blue gem, adding extra glitz on the studded shank. It’s truly an understated ring and modern classic.

Tanzanite Men’s Ring

Mens tanzanite ring.

Blue stones inherently seem to be at home in men’s rings, and tanzanite is no exception! Chunky geometric lines create a bold silhouette across the top of this ring. Sparkling zircon frame the primary stone for an impressive halo effect, and more find themselves at home on the shoulders of this masculine ring.

Marquise Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite and diamond ring.

There is something innately regal about the marquise cut. And the royal blue hues of tanzanite make for the perfect pairing. Baguette diamonds flank either side in double layers. Overall, this ring perfectly captures the look and feel of designs that sell for hundreds more.

Vintage Style Tanzanite Ring

Vintage style tanzanite ring.

Sometimes the old school is the best school, and this vintage inspired tanzanite ring is an education in luxury in class. Zircon jewels glint among the delicate filigree framework. At its center, a thick halo of zircon seem to lift this blue tanzanite to the heavens.

10K Gold Vermeil Tanzanite Ring

Gold tanzanite ring.

Seven lucky tanzanite gems arrange themselves smartly against a luxurious backdrop of yellow gold. Vermeil is a premium finish, befitting this select design. This gold tanzanite ring is big on style without breaking the bank.

Peacock Tanzanite Ring

Silver Peacock Tanzanite ring.

A bluish to greenish variety of tanzanite, this Peacock Tanzanite ring offers a fresh take on this treasured gem. Burly zircon gem stand watch on the center stone, providing a focal point to this piece that glitters and gleams.

Tanzanite Cocktail Ring

Tanzanite cocktail ring.

Last but not least is this treat of a ring! Tanzanite is a perfect choice for a cocktail ring, and Peacock Tanzanite lends extra sophistication to this piece. Artfully arranged zircon accents create a kaleidoscope of sparkle. Yellow gold accents playfully interact with the blue to green shift of color in this peacock jewel.

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