Whether it’s from a significant other or a coworker, there are definitely different types of gift givers. Check out these 10 types of gift givers for a good laugh!

The Overachiever

This person functions on a ‘just-one-more’ mentality and loves going out and finding THE BEST gifts. They not only want to make your Christmas, but they also want to make your year.

The Thoughtful Gift Giver

Expect this person to get you something that you didn’t even know you wanted to begin with. They have some serious gift giving talent. They really work on making you feel special and although they may not shower you with a lot, their one gift is sure to bring a tear of joy to your eyes.

The Procrastinator


Always doing things at the last minute, this person will more than likely warn you that your gift is in the mail because they bought it online, this morning.

The Re-Gifter

If your gift looks very similar to the gift you gave them last Christmas, it’s because it is. As awkward as this is, perhaps it’s the thought (of regifting) that counts?

The DIY Gift Giver

This person loves to get creative and make everything they give. From Christmas cookies to a cute new picture frame, they are all about that DIY life.

The Predictable Gift Giver

Often accused of killing half the fun of gifting, these people thrive on being predictable. They want you to tell them exactly what you want for Christmas. No surprises this way!

The Gift Card Giver

source: shakeshack

Whether you like getting gift cards for the holidays or not, you will get one from this person this year.

The Broke Gift Giver

These gift-givers are either broke or inspired by Mr. Scrooge and at their wits end deciding what to give you for Christmas. Don’t judge them for the choices they make in the end.

The Hidden Agenda Gift Giver

“Now you have a stunning watch to make sure you’re always on time.” How subtle.

The Perfect Gift Giver

Behold! This person is the rockstar in gift giving who always finds the perfect gift for that special someone. You can be the perfect gift giver by checking out Shop LC’s Gift Guide! Delight your friends and loved ones with Shop LC’s Merry Little Prices!