Yellow labradorite, despite sharing a name with one of our most beloved dog breeds, doesn’t have much in common with the adorable pups. Both are celebrated for their yellow color, were originally discovered in Labrador, Canada, and are cherished around the globe – oh, wait! Maybe these two aren’t so different after all!

One big difference in our favorite dog and favorite gem is the rarity. Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular and well-known dogs in the world. Yellow labradorite, on the other hand, is one of the rarest gems on the market.


A key reason for this is the delicate process used to mine them. Yellow labradorite isn’t crudely mined in mass amounts by machinery, no – it’s done by hand. Miners use artisanal mining practices, including a manual, hand-controlled pulley system to pull the gems from the ground, and other handheld tools such as shovels, hammers, and chisels.

The process to mine the delicate and iridescent feldspar is expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention, while other gemstones in the feldspar family are more common, there are relatively few of these gemstones in the world. For these reasons, the availability of yellow labradorite is limited, and it’s rarely seen in jewelry. In fact, it’s actually considered a collector’s item.

Despite all of this, Shop LC is bringing yellow labradorite to you. We recently held an event celebrating the first ever time we’ve sold it, as it was never before seen on our channel. It sold fast, but here are 10 amazing jewelry pieces to start off your collection!


Yellow gemstone trinity ring.

This gorgeous yellow labradorite trinity ring is both stunning and meaningful. The design featuring three distinct gems can represent a variety of themes: from the past, present, and future, to the holy trinity. This ring may, for you, represent your relationships or your spirituality. The warm yellow stones against the platinum over sterling silver base creates a lovely contrast of color and composition.


Yellow gem earrings.

These yellow labradorite earrings are simply show stopping. They aren’t just something you throw on at the last minute; these are a conversation piece, something to base an entire outfit around. These earrings don’t only feature the rare and desirable yellow labradorite gemstone, they also feature the fiery golden Brazilian citrine gem. Each gem is cut by skilled expert, ensuring you the best shape possible.


Yellow gemstone starburst pendant.

This enchanting necklace will make you the star of any event! The design is eye-catching and intricate, featuring several smaller yellow labradorite and Brazilian citrine gems surrounding one massive and alluring yellow feldspar gem, all topping a woven base of platinum over sterling silver. This piece is a work of art from every angle, and a serious display of craftsmanship and design. On top of all of this, every part of it is hypoallergenic, and will feel comfortable gracing your neck.


Yellow gemstone y-necklace.

Wear a bit of sunshine with this glamorous necklace! Fit to be worn by a princess or even a queen, this necklace will be unforgettable, with its interspersed yellow and white gems. The distinct golden color scheme is reminiscent of royalty, as well as the blazing sun. The chain itself is gold over sterling silver, both lavish and hypoallergenic. The length is 18 inches; made to sit at the perfect, eye-catching position at your nape.


Yellow labradorite bracelet.

This classy bracelet is the perfect accessory to pair with a yellow labradorite-centered outfit. Imagine, a sunshiny yellow labradorite necklace around your neck, and this lustrous yellow gem bracelet around your wrist. Easy to put, the toggle clasp makes for an effortless wear as well as a decorative addition to the design of the bracelet. The bracelet features the aforementioned yellow jewel, as well as Brazilian citrine and a base of platinum over sterling silver.


Yellow gem solitaire ring.

This yellow labradorite ring is smooth and stylish. The even finished makes it easy to put on and take off. The featured gem is stunning in and of itself, but the platinum over sterling silver base is an intricate, interwoven work of art. Each part of this piece is delicately and expertly polished to create and elegant, graceful ring.


Dangle earrings in sterling silver.

These knockout earrings draw inspiration from elegant peacocks. These birds symbolize beauty, integrity, and showing one’s true colors. A fitting meaning because the color of these earrings is simply gorgeous! Of course, you have the blazing yellow, but these earrings also feature the delicate and rosy Orissa rhodolite garnet. The color of these gems complements each other beautifully and are reminiscent of the bright and warm colors of summer.


Gold sunburst pendant.

This gorgeous necklace mimics the beauty of the shining sun. The color on the yellow labradorite gems making up this necklace is almost like honey, reminding you of the feeling of a warm summer’s day. This necklace is the perfect centerpiece to any decadent outfit; sure to bring your look together. We revere vermeil for its grace, durability, and hypoallergenic property.


Minimalist silver bangle.

Stunning and elegant, this yellow labradorite bracelet is simpler than some of the other jewelry you see. If you prefer a minimalist approach, this is the piece for you. Rather than overly bright and lavish, this bracelet has a delicate, princess-like beauty that echoes understated style. Crafted from iridescent yellow feldspar, vermeil yellow gold, and platinum over sterling silver, this bracelet has it all.


Yellow pendant in sterling silver.

The design of this necklace is simple and to the point; the perfect way to show off your little bit of sunshine. The yellow jewel is the most prominent part of this piece, immediately drawing the eye to the majestic gem. The base and 20-inch chain is brilliant platinum over sterling silver; a beautiful, hypoallergenic, and durable combination sure to last you years.

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