Whether you have a sister from birth, an adopted sister or that best friend you consider a sister, today is the perfect time to show your appreciation! Put aside the bickering or the name-calling, and grab your sister because it’s Sister Day! Here are 11 things only someone with a sister would understand!

1. Because you grew up together, she is the only person that understands your melodramatic monologues.

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2. You find joy every time you get a chance to call her out when she’s trying to pull one over on you.

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3. Sometimes it’s just fun to mess with her.

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4. No matter how many times you get into an argument, she’s always down for a selfie.

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5. For 85% of your childhood, your parents made you dress alike.

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6. As soon as you’re in public, you two are no longer related.

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7. Everything is a competition between the two of you.

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8. Most of the time you wonder how the two of you are even related.

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9. You were secretly hoping for a brother.

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10. There’s been several times when all you’ve ever wanted to do was this:

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11. But every once in a while, you realize you could never live without her and that she’s the best friend you’ll ever have.

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 Happy Sister’s Day!

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