LC Valentines Day Gift Guide

1. His and Hers Pillow Covers

Because who wouldn’t want to wake up to these adorable pillows on Valentine’s Day? The handwritten design comes in black or gold. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of cute fun into the bedroom.

2. Heart Pendant

Tell him you want a gift that speaks from the heart, then circle #2 and stick it in his briefcase. If that’s not a hint that you want this gorgeous pendant for Valentine’s Day, then we don’t know what is!

3. STRADA Watch

Make your search for his gift short and simple with this sophisticated watch. Every time he checks the time, he’ll think of how great of a gift-giver you are.

4. J Francis

Structured bags are trending right now, so this fun and flirty handbag by J Francis is a great gift for the style enthusiast. This purse also features a removable strap to make it more versatile.

5. Heart Ring

You’ll definitely want to circle this one. This gorgeous ring features an intertwining design that forms a heart. It adds elegance to any occasion, and it will truly glimmer on Valentine’s Day!

6. Mac Heirloom Mix Mineralize Blush

Shine on this Valentine’s Day with this pretty winter metallic. Unlike most metallic formulas, which leave a telltale line of sheen across your face, MAC’s Heirloom Mix Mineralize Blush won’t leave you looking like you lost a fight with a bag of glitter. It holds just enough shimmer to suggest a celebrity makeup artist masterfully blended your glow. Get this dazzling blush for yourself to use during Valentine’s Day dinner plans or give it as a gift to one of your makeup enthusiast girlfriends.

7. Earrings

If you’re tired of pink and red and heart-shaped jewelry, then you’ll love these amethyst earrings. Whether you wear them for a Valentine’s dinner or to the office on Monday morning, the design of this pair of earrings makes it easy to wear for any occasion.

8. Diamond-Shaped Glass Set

Who says you can’t get him diamonds? Well, these aren’t actual diamonds, but the faceted glasses add a luxe touch to any cocktail!

9. Dirty Dancing

If you are planning to stay home on Valentine’s Day, whether it be alone, with your love or with a few friends, Dirty Dancing is a must-have. Even after two decades, this movie still remains one of the most enjoyable romantic movies of all time. We dare you to finish watching Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey during the Time of My Life and not smile.

Hopefully, now you have some ideas for the perfect gift, whether it’s for your loved one, friend or for yourself. Find even more perfect and affordable gifts with the LC’s Online Gift Guide. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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