Sure, lounge clothes are comfy, but with summer and fall approaching, many of us guys are again ready to trade in our PJs for suits. Even though many menswear options remain static, there is plenty to look forward to as we shop for ourselves (or for ‘that one friend’ who can use some help).

Taylor Draper is the CEO and co-founder of Inherent Clothier. This online custom menswear shop is both a personal stylist and a mental health awareness movement. Taylor is sharing his predictions on what to expect in men’s fashion for Summer and Fall 2020.

A man in a suit with a cup of coffee sits on a black leather sofa.

5 Trends for Men’s Summer Fashion

Going into summer, comfort is always key. We define a lot of men’s summer fashion by comfort and wear, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style! You’ll want to consider these options for dressing up your outfits in warmer weather.

Unstructured & Unlined suits

Look for fabrics between 210-250 grams in weight for best comfort. This gives a more casual and easily the most breathable fabric for summer! Unstructured shoulders will be making an appearance here, so watch for it!


Fabric with hopsack texture.

Hopsacking is a weaving style, as seen in this burlap-style fabric.

Look for this versatile fabric weave – it’s very breathable and gives a thick texture that can dress up or down comfortably.


Be on the lookout for baby blue, light grey, light greens, tans, and some salmon colors for men’s clothes.

Committing to an entirely new wardrobe for the season might feel intimidating. So, why not consider some of these options for a gemstone men’s ring? It’s an easy way to dip your toe in the water without making a huge commitment. Read our men’s ring guide to find the perfect fit.

Panama Hats

Authentic Panama hats made in Ecuador are affordable and can bring a distinct summer vibe to your look. These straw hats are the perfect blend of summer chic and practicality.


Taylor says, “This is my favorite summer fabric for shirts and suits.”

Be on the lookout for brighter colored shirts made of linen, as well as suits. For business, a chocolate brown linen suit might just become your new essential for summer meetings.

5 Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion


It’s fall, and it’s time to embrace earth tones – olive green, dark brown, mid to dark grey, and charcoal.

Bohemian Moldavite and Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Moldavite is a tektite, a type of meteoric glass.

Most of us probably have these earthy colors in our closet. But, for a touch of olive green, Moldavite is an enticing option. Its extraterrestrial origin is a great conversation starter!


Window panes, prince of wales, pinstripes, and chalk stripes will all be present. Like the double breast, these are things grandpa might have worn but are now finding their way back into modern styles.


“Tweed and flannel are my two favorite fall fabrics to look out for,” explains Taylor.

Look for weight between 250-300 grams in fabric weight to stay warm (but not too warm).

Button Style

“I think in general, we see more double-breasted suits but be on a specific watch for more this fall,” Taylor explains.

It’s true! Double-breasted styles certainly seem to be on the rebound after a decade of slim, single-breast cuts.

Peak lapels

Peak lapels are gaining traction as more and more men realize that peak lapels make their shoulders bigger, and you don’t have to be so formal with them anymore.

For more ideas on men’s fashion, check out 10 Cool Rings for Dad this Father’s Day.

Disclaimer: Third parties are not providing an endorsement of Shop LC goods or services. 

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