Last year was one like no other. All of us made huge changes to our lives to accommodate what the pandemic brought. And this year is also different. Knowing what we do now, many families are making a choice about how to handle education.

According to RetailMeNot, a majority of parents say this year will be like no other. It will be a bigger deal than even last year! And most parents are excited for back-to-school season. Who can blame them? After this once-in-a-lifetime event, a bit a change can be welcome.

Over half of parents (52%) say they’ll be doing back-to-school shopping in store this year. However every family is saying they plan to spend more on top items.

And what tops the list this year? Surveyed families plan on purchasing electronics like tablets and laptops, school supplies such as folders, notebooks, and pencils, clothes, shows, and much more!

One thing that most parents do agree on is that tech counts. A whopping 66% of parents agree that the finding the right device for their kids is just as important as choosing other school supplies. And it makes sense! Many schools are adopting hybrid models that combine virtual learning with in-person learning. While other families are opting to home school instead, but good technology is no less important.

Are you planning to shop online? Then Shop LC has you covered! Check out some of these great products to make this school year better than ever!


Set of 20 Recycled Paper Pen with Flower Seed

You would be amazed to know that we at Shop LC believe in eco-friendly products. So here is our recycled flower-seed paper pen. This affordable pen embodies local art and culture. They are a great alternative to plastic pens. Do you know what is the best part? Once these pens are out of ink. You along with your child could plant the seeds at the back. Isn’t this a great way to teach our children about the importance of the environment? Amazing, right?


All-in-One Children's Painting Set

This lovely painting set is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. The set has a combination of crayons, pencil colors, and watercolors. The set constitutes enough color choices for imaginative creation. Moreover, the box is designed with many slots to keep every piece in place. This complete set will bring out the creativity in your hand.


Set of 2 100 Design Stress Relieving Pattern Coloring Books with 5 Double Sided Color Pencils

This wonderful set of coloring books and pencils is the best gift for your child. This set includes two stress-relieving coloring books with 5 colored pencils. Coloring is one of the most refreshing activities. It soothes our soul and mind and is great for relaxation. The designs in this book range from simple to expert level. Your child is simply going to adore this book!


6 Piece Magic Ink Meditation Water Drawing Board

This package includes two water pens, one brush pen, one board holder, one water plate, and one pen holder. Shape your inner artist with this eco-friendly water board. It is easy to use and is available at an affordable price. The drawing board is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a calming creative outlet. Isn’t this a great gift for those who like to draw?


Handmade Black Paper Notebook with Floral Embossed Genuine Leather Cover and Wooden Pen

It is a back-to-school season. So, treat your child with this fantastic set of a notebook and a pen. This lightweight set will easily fit in any bag. Isn’t this great? Your child will be in absolute awe with this handcrafted diary. It has a subtle finishing and unique contemporary style. Your child can use it for making notes.


Hand Carved Green Jade Carved Leaf Fountain Pen in Goldtone

This beautiful ballpoint pen embedded with Burmese jade is an example of perfection. The hand-carved leaf on this fountain pen is just adorable. The lightweight nature of this pen makes it easy to carry it almost everywhere.


Giraffe, Dinosaur, House and Car Pattern 3D Art Coloring Puzzle Set with 10 Color Pen Markers

Surprise your kids with this beautiful coloring puzzle set. The package includes a coloring book and 10 color pen markers. The 3D puzzle set is a very fun and educational family game. 3D puzzle toys are great for keeping young eyes off screens. It can also help stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. In addition, it is a great way to spend quality time with your kids and family.

Find more great school supplies at Shop LC!

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