During the close of each year, the color experts at Pantone select a shade to become next year’s Color of the Year. For 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray reign supreme as the Pantone Color of the Year, daring us to dream in pastel and subtle hues. Are you ready to learn more about this process and the practical applications of this color in your daily fashion selections?


The color experts at Pantone don’t select a Color of the Year easily. It’s a careful choice, influenced by trends in culture. This will reflect elements of the fashion world, of course, but also elements of how designers across the spectrum of society utilize color in their works. It also reflects the mood of people, capturing the background energy of our daily lives.

According to Pantone color experts, these two colors express the best mood for the Pantone Color of the Year 2021. Both colors represent themselves as practical and rock solid.


Enormous gemstones express similar vibes as Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. The following are perfect choices for adoring these hues.

When we think of yellow tints, one gemstone that stands front and center is citrine. It makes a perfect pick when you want to glow with a bright and confident hue. Surprisingly, citrine brings festive vibes with shades of yellow.

Sterling silver citrine ring.

Capturing the warm glow of Autumn, Brazilian citrine ranges from pale yellow to brownish-yellow. The inviting tones of this gem are perfect for fall and winter fashion. The warm neutral best pairs with this gorgeous gemstone.

Meteorite bib necklace.

When you look to Ultimate Gray, there is one gemstone that captures attention. A true celestial gift, Marvelous Meteorite and its appealing color makes a fashion statement. Whether you love bright colors or are fascinated by pastels, these darker tones will capture your eye.    



Yellow amber fishhook earrings.

Honey-hued amber is an exceptional choice to flaunt your love of yellow. Known as the “window to the past,” its fascinating origin makes it tempting.


Gray sapphire three stone ring.

With silvery sheen, silver sapphire possesses silver-gray body color. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature, this shining gemstone is just for you.

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