Black is often seen as the anthesis of light, color and even white. It’s a mysterious color that draws people in and allows them to define themselves. Symbolizing grief, strength, and class, black is the color of decisive expression.

In color therapy, black is believed to “dissolve energy blockages and tension, relieves pain, and offers protection for the self.” This means that using gemstone could potentially help lessen tension and helps us with our inner-strength.

But, how do you style such a mysterious color? Here are 3 tips to help you style black.

Play with Dimensions

Since black is such a staple color that looks good on everyone, it is super easy to find a full outfit that is black everywhere. However, too much black can wash someone out, which is why stagehands and theatre crew members always wear black.

To avoid getting washed out and add a dynamic element to your outfit, make sure to play with dimensions. This means if you are wearing black baggy pants, add dimension to your outfit by wearing a black form-fitting top. Or, if you are wearing black skinny pants, make sure to pair that with a more structured top.

Man wearing baggy black pants with form fitting top

However, adding dimension is more than just the shape of the outfit. It can also be the color too. Although a black and white is a classic color combo, also play with cool tones and vibrant warm tones too. The point of black is to add intensity to any colors that you were experimenting with. So, for example, if you had a bold pink blazer, pair it down with a black skinny to create dimension to your outfit.

Woman wearing pink blazer and holding a pink purse against black form-fitting skirt

Play with Textures

The nice thing about black is that it is a relatively safe color to experiment textures on. Playing with textures will elevate your outfit as it adds an element of creativity and fun that will truly express who you are!

If you are worried, sheer and faux leather are currently in season. Sheer adds an element of femininity, which contrasts well with the edginess of black. To cover some skin, you could always wear a plain form-fitting tank top to showcase the sheer fabric without being too revealing.

Faux leather, on the other hand, is effortlessly cool and pairs well with black color. Moreover, faux leather is fake leather (meaning it is cruelty-free for the social conscious shoppers out there!) that does well in rain. When in doubt, you could always wear a faux leather jacket to bring out Greaser vibes!

Woman wearing black leather jacket leaning against window with sunglasses on

Play with Accessories

Last but definitely not least, play with accessories! Accessories are made to elevate your outfit, not dominate it.

If you are going with a blackout outfit, use bolder and brighter accessories to elevate yourself. That way, you can immediately draw in attention in a bold yet effortless way. For this effect to work, consider using statement necklaces, chunky bracelets, or even bold handbags!

Red handbag against white background

If you are looking for a way to add a classy yet casual element to an outfit, consider wearing black jewelry! Black jewelry is not the norm (i.e. yellow gold and silver), yet looks good in every design. Not only will it also add mystery, it will also make your outfit much more unique.

Black jade bracelet against wooden platform

If you want to snag your own black jewelry, make sure to tune into the California Black Jade show on September 17th, 2018! Use our Channel Finder to find your local broadcast.

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