During this challenging time, it can sometimes feel hard to make a difference. However, there are things you can do to make a real impact. We’re stronger together, and we will overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Right now, access to food is a huge concern. Here are three ways you can help right now!

Supporting Local Stores

Empty store shelf due to panic buying.

By now, you’ve heard about social distancing. It means voluntarily keeping space between you and others. The recommended area is between 3 to 6 feet. Essential businesses, like grocery stores, are marking these spaces in their checkout lines.

Many brick-and-mortar retailers are requesting that shoppers limit their purchasing. One way can mean reducing quantities you can buy per trip. Doing so helps ensure enough can go around to those in need.

Others are offering special shopping hours for vulnerable parts of the population. Doing so helps seniors who need to limit their exposure due to health reasons.

It can also be the employees themselves, who may not otherwise have time to shop for their households, as they are working hard for you and me.

Supporting Local Restaurants

Restaurant with limited hours due to coronavirus.

In many areas, local businesses are taking a big hit. Due to a voluntary choice or orders, many of us are practicing social distancing. As a result, some companies are hurting. Restaurants are especially vulnerable, as dining in is no longer an option.

However, you can still support your favorite places to eat! Many are still offering take-away or curbside pickup options and even delivery. Another way to help is by buying gift cards. It’s a practical option to make sure they get money now to pay employees and other expenses.

Gift cards can also be given in digital formats. Why not treat someone special to a tasty meal? Or maybe a neighbor needs a little boost? You can share gift cards with anyone. That’s the best thing about them!

Supporting Hungry Kids

School closed due to coronavirus.

If you’re shopping with Shop LC, you’re already feeding kids. But the situation right now is bigger than this. Much bigger.

With schools closing, the children who depend on meal programs might not be getting enough to eat. However, you can donate to two great organizations directly. Shop LC supports both through the Shop LC One for One Program.

While kids are largely out of school across the globe, both organizations are working with schools and governments to get food to kids in need.

Follow the links below  to help through a direct donation.

  • No Kid Hungry helps connect hungry kids with school meal programs in the US.
  • Akshaya Patra provides meals to school children in India.

Do you know of a school or organization feeding kids that might need help?

During this pandemic, No Kid Hungry is offering a Coronavirus Grant Request program. It helps support local school districts and nonprofit organizations that help kids get nutritious food.

Do you have a tip for feeding others during this time? Leave a comment below!

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