Consumers Prefer Affordable and Responsibly Made Products

Without a doubt, the effects of novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, are shaping how we live. The beauty and wellness industry is no exception, and many in the industry are changing their approach to meet customer needs during this trying time.

According to a new survey by RetailMeNot, most women shop for beauty products at least once a month – 68%, in fact. And, about one-third shop 2 to 3 times per month.  Value continues to play a significant role when deciding to buy, and big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target remain top choices.

Experimenting with current trends remains popular, too. More than one in five respondents say that contouring (24%), structured brows (24%), glass skin (22%), and colored mascara (21%) are the top beauty trends they look forward to this year. Notably, 59% of those surveyed are also open to trying new trends.

Interestingly, 81% of women shared it is important to them to purchase beauty products that are sustainable and clean. And, when looking for beauty inspiration, consumers turn to YouTube videos (30%) and Instagram content (22%)

Thankfully, we have some insight into what to expect. Daniela Ciocan provides some behind-the-scenes perspective on what to expect in the months to come.

Forecast: Coming off of COVID-19: Beauty | Wellness Industry Trends

Courtesy of Daniella Ciocan

With the hit of COVID-19 and the effects it’s had on events, companies, and communities, worldwide, we can only foresee change. Event organizer and founder of one of the most anticipated 2020 beauty, fashion, and influential trade shows in the nation, Unfiltered Experience, Daniela Ciocan has already seen adjustments in every industry, but by being on the front lines with the most renowned beauty and wellness brands, buyers, and professionals, she has received insider information on what we will see more of once doors reopen.

The Year of the Minimalist

  • Less make-up, coming out of quarantine especially
  • Less materialistic needs
  • Low Maintenance
  • Predicting people will not use 10 products, and do FULL ON regimes, but rather a 3 in 1 – and fewer steps

The new ‘Cool’, Be More Environmentally Conscious

  • Buying clean, sustainable products including: Make-up, clothing, cleaning products etc.
  • Clean beauty, and more educated on the products we put on and put out

New Rising Stars, The Educated

  • Less influencers, more authority
  • The buying power of an “influencer” we will see less, and more of that “influence” will be moved to doctors, dermatologists, scientists; better spokespersons for a brand moving forward

New Rule, Less Ingredients is More

  • 5 ingredients or less, this speaks to minimalism – people will read the ingredients and want 5 or less ingredients

The Rise of Locally Made Products

  • More will be made in the US, less imports due to possible contaminations

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