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5 Best Ways to Improve Posture

5 Best Ways to Improve Posture.

I know what you’re thinking – “My back doesn’t hurt; therefore, I do not need to improve my posture.” Although you may be right, chances are – there is still room for improvement. But what is posture?

According to the American Chiropractor Association, posture is defined as “the position of the body when sitting or lying down.” Good posture is important as muscles need to be used correctly. If you are an average person, your posture is in serious need of improvement. Here are 5 ways to improve posture:

1) The Wall Trick

When you are standing, your spine should be as straight as possible. However, assuming you don’t have a mirror floating next to you whenever you stand, you should practice standing better.

The wall trick goes as follow: you first tuck your heels against the walls and have your feet next to each other. Then, your buttocks, shoulders, heels, and head should comfortably rest against the wall. This is how you should stand all the time. Try practicing it as often as you can!

2) Work on Your Core

I was surprised when I found out I needed to work on my abs to improve my posture. But, doctors suggest exercising your abs as it helps strengthen your back and improve your posture! It also helps if you could practice good posture as you go through flexibility training exercises, such as Pilates and yoga. Focus on your core as it can help with your spine since the “resting” position often emphasizes tucking in your stomach. Plus, it gives you another reason to squeeze in a little workout time!

3) Do Stretching Exercises when You Are Sitting Down

Working in a typical 9-5 job means you are sitting down most of the time. When you are at your desk, make sure to stretch once in a while to allow your spine to lengthen! Also, make sure your backrest at work fully supports your mid and lower back. If not, this leads to prolonging the wearing and tearing of the ligaments in your spine.

4) Utilize Pillows when Sleeping

A common misconception is that you have no control over your sleep, therefore you have no control over your posture when you sleep. However, you do have some control over your posture when you sleep.

If you love sleeping on your back, you will notice that your pressure points include your hips and that your lower back will have no support. You will notice that the middle of your back won’t be 100% supported unless your mattress is amazingly new. In that case, use a pillow to support your back to give your back some extra TLC.

If you love to lay on your sides, your shoulders and hips would be your biggest pressure points. In that case, make sure you bend your knees to reduce the train of your back. It can also help to stuff your pillows between your knees or right underneath it. this allows you to keep a level body posture.

5) Invest in Shapewear

Finally, invest in a shapewear! Shapewear is a subtle, everyday accessory that helps for long periods of time. Some shapewear uses the weight of your body to help you with your posture by pulling your shoulders back. You wear them sneakily every day, which is even better for us go-getters!

Start improving your posture today to decrease back pain! Try Sankom shapewear for an affordable yet comfortable solution.

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