Superior Sparkle for Savvy Shoppers

Originally born of the stars, moissanite is one of the leading alternatives to diamond. And it’s easy to see why! With superior dispersion, a moissanite ring truly sparkles like the heavens. Today, these ‘star gems’ are synthesized, which produce amazing looking stones that anyone can afford. Are you ready to say ‘I do’ these stunning choices?

You’re All Set

Moissanite two ring set in rose gold vermeil.

While it may have been used as a diamond simulant in past decades, today this gem really stands on its own. Both white and champagne moissanite gems are precisely placed in the this moissanite ring set. Rose gold vermeil offers a finish that is luxurious, feminine, and at home in nearly any jewelry collection.

First Star I See Tonight

Moissanite engagement ring in 10K yellow gold.

Wouldn’t you agree that nothing is more timeless than a solitaire ring? This gold ring elegantly frames a single brilliant moissanite gem. Whether you use it as a moissanite engagement ring is entirely up to you, but who wouldn’t say ‘I do?’

Twinkle, Twinkle

Moissanite halo ring in sterling silver.

There are few stones so perfect for a halo setting as moissanite. The alternating series of jewels forming the halo suggest the twinkling of stars under the night sky. This moissanite halo ring is a favorite for its ability to capture the timeless qualities of a treasured halo ring and passing them through a contemporary filter.

Three Times the Fun

Moissanite 3 stone ring with enhancers.

Sometimes it is a tough choice, choosing simple and elegant, or big and bold. Why not have both? This moissanite ring set includes two enhancers that allow you to pump up your look whenever you want! Wear this three stone ring alone for a minimalist look, or add either or both enhancers for an extra lux look!

Cluster Constellation

Moissanite cluster ring in 10K yellow gold.

Sometimes there’s a need to make a statement. This moissanite cluster ring is the perfect candidate! A cluster of glittering gems finds themselves in an eye-catching diamond arrangement. Yellow gold vermeil houses this constellation of jewels for one of the most affordable moissanite rings you can find!

Find a stellar selection of moissanite rings that are out of this world.

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