Today is Earth Day, and if you’ve been striving to have a greener lifestyle, but have no idea how to start, read on.

Many people spend most of their week at work, so it makes sense to start here. From recycling empty ink cartridges to unplugging all of your electronics at the end of the day, there are several things you can do right in your office to help the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Here are six!

Physical to Digital

The greenest paper is no paper at all. Try to keep all of your documents digitally and only print if it’s really necessary. Keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets. Instead of sending out flyers for an upcoming event, send out emails or feature the information on TV screens in the lobby and break rooms. And if you must print something, double check that you don’t print any blank pages before pressing the submit button.

Conserving water at the officeConserve Water

You probably hear this a lot, especially since many parts of the country are currently in a drought. Water conservation seems like an overwhelming mission, but it’s not when you break it down to small changes. For instance, instead of using bottled water at work, have a reusable water bottle that you use for work. If you tend to be forgetful, put your name on it and keep it at work. If you notice a leaking tap, report it immediately. Next time you find yourself in a budget meeting or around upper-management, bring up water-efficient appliances. Even if you’re just getting the ball rolling, it’s important to have these types of conversations in the workplace.

Power Down

Before you leave the office for the day, make sure you unplug all of your electronics. By completely turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours per day.

Bring Your Own LunchLunch at the Office

Invest in a lunch bag or pail (you can find some pretty nifty ones with cool designs at your local supermarket). By packing your lunch in a reusable bag or box, you’re not using plastic or paper bags. Added bonus—you save money because you don’t eat out everyday.

Commute with a Friend

By carpooling, even if it’s only once a week, you’re decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and saving money on gasoline. If carpooling is inconvenient because of where you live, reduce your travel in other ways. For instance, if you’re going out to lunch, ride with a coworker or walk to a nearby restaurant.

Get Social

Spread the word about these green initiatives to get your coworkers involved. It could be as simple as having a conversation about what you’re doing to be eco-friendly, or it could be as detailed as organizing a carpool committee at work.

As you can see, going green doesn’t have to be a daunting chore that means an extensive life change. Simple steps can make a difference. Continue these eco-friendly actions and ideas at home, and then share them with your coworkers and your neighbors. Every action counts. We hope you have a wonderful Earth Day!
How do you plan to make a positive impact on the environment?

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