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6 Ways to Ne-Own Neon

Highlight your closet this season with neon! Your friends will never lose you in a crowd at a summer concert again. This florescent trend is not for the shy and timid. To help you bring out your inner Fashionista, we have provided some tips and tricks for rocking this daring and chic trend.

1. Head-to-toe neon is a no no

Sure, in the 80s a completely neon outfit would be rad, but this isn’t the 80s (unfortunately). For a grown-up take on the neon trend, use pops of fluorescents. A great way to do this is by having a single article of clothing in neon such as a top or pants but not both. We recommend a yellow skirt or a hot pink top.

2. Accessorize in neon

A hint or pop of neon is a mature take on this look. Bright accessories are the perfect opportunity to incorporate fluorescents into your outfit. Snag a bright statement necklace for the perfect touch. Your possessions need love, too! A hot handbag in neon is the perfect way to carry this trend with you throughout the summer. Consider a neon belt to cinch the waist of a neutral-colored maxi dress. For more on maxi dresses, check out our Summer Maxi Dress Guide!

3. Pair neon with neutrals

We have already mentioned some instances of when to pair neon with neutrals, but honestly, you can always pair neon with neutrals!  Using taupe, grey or tan with neon really makes you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to style. Combining the two colors will temper the bright neon. It’s also a great way to take your look from trendy to classic while still adding a bold note.

4. Neon nails

Get yourself a mani-pedi if you want to wear neon, but haven’t quite worked up the courage to own it. Neon-colored nail polish is a great way to test the waters. OPI always has fun names and their neon collection doesn’t disappoint. Check them out for fun neon colors such as Life Gave Me Lemons Yellow, You Are So Outta Lime and Hotter Than You Pink.

5. Shoes, shoes, shoes

As if you needed a reason to buy more shoes, a bright pair of sandals or pumps gives your outfit a stylish edge. With neon pink shoes you can highlight an otherwise dull outfit. This upbeat addition can also brighten your day and give your attitude a boost. Confidence is key!

6. Sometimes head-to-toe neon is a yes yes

We know what we said before, but rules are made to be broken, right? Yes! The key is not to go overboard. A cute summer dress in neon yellow or pink would look great with neutral shoes or a white blazer. If you are still feeling a little gun shy about neon, instead of a dress, try a neon skirt. You can pair it with a simple black top and still look stunning in neon. If you’re really bold, you can wear two separate articles of clothing in two different neon colors. When doing so, refrain from using patterns because it can make the outfit seem too busy.

The neon trend has definitely come a long way since the days of Saved by the Bell and Lisa Frank. Anyone can wear any trend with the right customization! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to rock this bold look with poise. For help on picking out the perfect pair of shades to go with your new neon look, check out our Sunglasses Guide! Remember to make this trend your own and the confidence to wear these brights will come naturally.

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