April is here, bringing better weather and adding life to the landscape. However, this also means that April Fools’ Day is around the corner! April 1, 2019 falls on a Monday, so get ready to start your week dodging notorious pranksters. While we always recommend having a good sense of humor and taking pranks in stride, we’re sure you don’t want to be the butt of a joke.  Continue reading to learn 7 sure ways to survive April Fools’ Day!

Calendar Reminder

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It is easy to forget that it’s not just the beginning of another month, but also April Fools’ day. Set a reminder so that you can bring you’re ‘A game’ of ninja alertness!

Offense is the Best Defense

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Why wait for a prank to happen to you? Become the part of this fun day and surprise your friends and family with some funny and creative pranks.

Stay Alert!

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Be alert, not really paranoid, but yeah, a friendly alert ninja. Check for cling film on the toilet seat, color and smell of your shampoo (you really don’t need electric blue hair). You never know when you get the chance to turn the tide and prank the prankster instead!

Trust No One

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You may think that you have to be wary of just the people you know and live with. But hold on, pranksters can be anywhere among the subway crowd, or even the checkout line of the supermarket!

Check Your Food

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One of the easiest tricks is playing with food for a well-executed prank. It does-not feel nice tasting toothpaste in your favorite Oreos or having salt instead of sugar in your morning coffee.

Stay Offline

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Pranks don’t have to be limited by the prankster’s physical location thanks to the internet. Elaborate news articles with fake news, unbelievable deals and discounts are all great ways to trick you (No, you aren’t getting free ice cream or winning a prize from YouTube for the funniest video ever). Also, don’t leave your laptop unlocked. If you forget to close out of your username, expect some pretty interesting Facebook updates!

Do Not Sleep

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Not strictly recommended but try not to fall asleep around your friends, coworkers, and especially your family. The number of pranks that they can pull on you while you’re asleep is endless. Whoops! Is this seven tips?


  • Always look where you’re going because you never know what could be lurking right in front of your own eyes.
  • Never, we repeat, never let your guard down. However, you don’t want to look like a paranoid crazy person, so try your best to remain calm and cool.
  • Don’t eat anything. Sure, that donut in the break room seems harmless, but that’s how they get you. Did you order a donut full of hot sauce? We didn’t think so.
  • Don’t leave your laptop unlocked. If you forget to log out of your account, expect some interesting Facebook statuses!
  • Have a sense of humor. Even if you manage to be the result of a prank, laugh it off and keep on going. No one likes a buzzkill.
  • If it looks too good to be true, walk in the opposite direction.


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Do you have a favorite April Fools’ Day prank? Tell us in the comments!

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