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Do you have a jewelry box filled with earrings that you don’t ever wear anymore? Have you wondered what to do with all those earrings? It’s easier to hide mismatched socks than it is to hide mismatched earrings. But don’t throw away that lone piece of jewelry yet! They can do more than complete your look. I’ve been collecting studs for years and have always wondered if there is something else that I could do with the broken or unworn pieces. Well, I’ve found seven creative ways to repurpose earrings and turn it into some amazing things. Read on to learn quick and easy projects to repurpose ornaments you noticed at the bottom of your handbag.

Bedazzled Shoes

For people (like me) who love to wear their favorite sandals almost every day, a set of earrings either clipped onto the front or back can add some fun variation! You can easily make shoe clips that will instantly give all of your sandals a classic look, and since they clip on, you can change them whenever you want to add oomph to any pair of your shoes.

Repurpose earrings to decorate shoes!

Fabulous Bookmarks

I love the idea of turning lone earring into bejeweled bookmarks. I’m quite a bookworm myself, so anything to do with books is great by me. You can set old studs into stunning markers that are also perfect for gifts. Bejeweled bookmarks are both pretty and practical, as it makes life easier to locate the bookmark while the book is around while also adding a bit of style.

Repurpose earrings to create fun bookmarks!

Jeweled Drawer Knobs

Turning old earrings into beautiful drawer knobs is definitely on my to-do list. These are just gorgeous and look much better than anything you buy at the hardware store. So, if you’re planning to remodel or replace the cabinet handles in the bathroom, kitchen or even your dresser drawers, then jeweled drawer pulls would be perfect. It takes all of two minutes with a hot glue gun, and an array of lonely unmatched earrings to have jewels in every room!

Jeweled drawer knobs.

Repurposed Fridge Magnets

How many times a day do you look at the fridge? It is the center of your kitchen, so you should take out time to decorate it with few lone earring magnets. These are very easy to make; all you need to do is remove the backing from the lone earring and glue them to a small magnet. You can pick magnets from any craft store but be sure to choose a size that is appropriate for the stud. These decorative magnets would make an incredible gift item as well.

Earring made into fridge magnet.

Bedazzle Your Bracelets

If you have a lot of old earrings that you don’t wear, but like the design or color, then you can glue them to bracelets for an extra bit of sparkle that makes them more interesting and wearable. A blank bracelet lets you decorate it with the jewelry pieces that you love. You can pick up a blank bracelet from any craft store and accessorize it with the stud earring of your choice. This way, you’ll be able to keep a unique piece of history with you in a fun and stylish way.

You can repurpose earrings to create unique bracelets!

Vintage Cocktail Ring

Grab those old and large earrings from the corner of your jewelry box and turn them into artistic and unique cocktail rings. Use your creativity to create any size or style of ring that you want. If you like fashion jewelry or like to make a statement, then this is the perfect way to do it! This way, you also get to preserve those old costume jewelry pieces. Just glue the lone pieces onto a ring blank, and you’re all set.

Woman wearing cocktail ring.

Charming Neckwear

This charming project lets you combine new and old items to create a classy charm necklace. This type of necklace looks great with a simple V-neck or with crew neck top. For more help on necklaces and necklines, check out our guide!
Repurpose earrings into cool statement necklaces!

Making a Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces make a simple outfit really pop, but sometimes they can get pretty pricey. The thing that makes statement jewelry so bold is its originality. There’s no better way to be original than making it yourself! This easy-to-follow statement necklace tutorial makes that task simple.
You can repurpose earrings into captivating statement necklaces!

So, there are a few ideas! I am sure you guys can think of tons more. Earrings as beautiful neckwear? I’ve seen many people decorating gorgeous wedding bouquets from old ornaments. It’s fun to repurpose earrings because you’re able to customize anything you want and add character to everyday items.

If you don’t have any lone or random ear stud laying around to use for projects, check out Shop LC Online Auctions! You can get earrings and other jewelry for projects as low as just $1.

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