With fall move-in day approaching faster than you think, we eagerly welcome the new school year with the ultimate list of bulletin board projects! This is the time to really show your personality and style. If you are a parent, creating one of these chic bulletin boards is perfect for a graduation gift or a going-away present. After reading this bountiful list of projects, decorating a dorm room of about 200 square feet will be a breeze!
Washi Tape Corkboard

Hopefully you’ve already had the fortune to discover Washi tape. It is basically really, really pretty masking tape. It’s made of paper, and it comes in various patterns and designs.
But enough about this miracle tape, lets get down to the necessities! You’ll need a pack of corkboard tiles, washi tape in the pattern of your choice and scissors. Find the rest of the detailed instructions on homedit.com.
Nail head Bulletin Board

This project is perfect if you have an oversized, boring corkboard laying around. The materials for this DIY project include an oversized corkboard, 1.5 yards of duct cloth, six packs of upholstery nailheadpins, one can of spray adhesive for fabric and about 20 mini nails. Duct cloth comes in different designs and patterns, so it’s easy to find one that complements the rest of your room. For the full step-by-step guide, check out livecreatingyourself.com.
Bulletin Board Lampshade

Lampshades can get pretty pricey. Instead of buying a costly one from the department store, add character to your room by upcycling a boring, less expensive lampshade. With this tutorial found on squidoo.com, you’ll be able to pin photos and other things to your lampshade! If you want to use unique pushpins, check out our Repurposing Guide to use earrings instead! We have plenty to choose from in our Rising Auction, and they start at $1!
Fabric Bulletin Board

This project is similar to the nail head bulletin board tutorial.  It is very simple and perfect for a large empty wall. To add more personality, use fabric that means something to you, like an old pillowcase or a favorite T-shirt. It will be less expensive than buying fabric, and it will give you a taste of home! Check out the full tutorial on makinglemonadeblog.com.
Framed Bulletin Board

Picture frames are the perfect foundation for a bulletin board. If you want a large frame to work with, check out garage sales in your neighborhood. There are always neat paintings, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one for a couple of bucks! Check out the detailed instructions on marthstewart.com.  
Wrapping Paper Bulletin Board

For those students who like to change their room décor once a month, this is the DIY project for you! You make this board out of wrapping paper instead of fabric, which cuts costs way down. It’s a lot cheaper to buy more wrapping paper than it is to buy more fabric, which means you can change your room as many times as you want. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have an annoyed roommate though. Get the full tutorial at funcheaporfree.com.
Ribbon Bulletin Board

Bulletins with pushpins are fun and all, but sometimes you want to throw a photo on the board real quick. This DIY project offers the perfect solution. The ribbons provide a way to tuck photos onto the board, so you don’t need to go buy pushpins. It also provides a cute design. Check out the step-by-step guide on diynetwork.com.
Cork Bulletin Board

Who knew you could make a cork board out of corks!? We won’t ask why you have so many corks lying around, but we will show you how to reuse them! This project is unique, and it will add texture to a bare white wall, which is found in almost every dorm room. Get the step-by-step guide at bhg.com.
We hope you found some inspiration after reading this list. These projects will make even the drabbest dorm room look stunning and stylish. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, a student entering your final semester or a proud parent, these DIY ideas are sure to upgrade any room! If you are set on room décor, but need more school supplies, then check out our bedazzled office supplies!