It can be tough to maintain healthy habits during self-quarantine. Plus, how do you make it work for you? It might feel like a struggle just knowing where to start. Thankfully, Shop LC is here to help! David Pollock is a beauty industry veteran, chemist, and the creator of Shop LC exclusive skincare line, Clinical Results 24.7. With considerable wellness experience, David is sharing some great tips for better health management during this trying time.

8 Ways to Maintain Healthy Habits During Self-Quarantine

8 Tips to Stay Healthy While You’re Stuck at Home

by David Pollock

Stressful situations can cause us to do unhealthy things.

I know this for a fact. During hurricane season a few years ago, my wife and I were stuck at home for days.

And you know what I did? I ate all of our hurricane supplies. Oops.

Being on lockdown during a pandemic should not be an excuse to let go of your body and engage in an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you have to stay indoors longer than usual, it is even more essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

By staying on top of your behavior when you are stuck at home, you can prevent yourself from developing things like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and muscle atrophy.

Studies have shown that people who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle when stuck at home often find it difficult to resume normal activities after the home period is over. Going back to work may prove challenging.

So, if you are going to be held at home, here are some tips to help you stay healthy:

Opt for Home-Cooked Meals (Don’t Forget to Eat Clean!)

Let’s face it – many of us are using fast food and restaurant delivery services as a primary source of food during the quarantine.

We all love comfort food and ordering our favorite takeout can bring a sense of normalcy back to our lives.

But going on a junk food bender during a lockdown can cause long-term health issues. So, take some time and plan out your meals and snacks.

For every 90% of whole, healthy foods, you can reward yourself with 10% of feel-good fare.

Let’s Get Physical

A lot of us are anxious about what’s going on and have a lot of extra energy at home.

Exercise helps the body release stress, clear the mind, and it is good for the heart as it gets the blood flowing.

It also takes your mind off things while improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Now is a good time to find new physically challenging hobbies you can do at home, like yoga.

Read a Book

With online streaming sites being so popular, it is easy to get stuck on the couch and binge-watch tv shows. Switch it up and try to incorporate some books in between your tv shows.

Taking time off the screen and moving images can do you a lot of good in as far as your eyes are concerned.

Audiobooks have the advantage of being able to do another activity while listening to the book.

Feed Your Mind

Maintaining some level of intellect is another way of staying healthy when stuck at home.

You could play strategy and logic games that require you to think. You could also enroll in an online course or listen to podcasts that discuss highly intellectual topics.

Also, learning a new skill that will help you get ahead when you eventually return to the world.

Educating yourself will remove the unhealthy feeling of being “stuck” and replace it with feelings of finding a new purpose.

Keep in Touch

Humans are social creatures and staying indoors alone can take a real toll on your mental health. We love to socialize!

Make an effort to keep in touch with your friends and family. You may not be able to visit them, but many of them are still only a text message, phone call, or video chat away.

Find a Project

Having a sense of purpose can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy attitude when stuck at home.

It doesn’t even have to be a big project. You can embark on a simple project like redecorating your room or something a bit more challenging – like DIY projects.

Don’t Miss Your Medical Appointments

If you have medical conditions or scheduled checkups, don’t pass upon them. Instead, use technology to turn up for your medical appointments and consultations.

If you have prescriptions to renew, you can likely request them online or through an app.

Stay Safe and Healthy in Self-Quarantine

Even though many of us are holed up in our homes, we are all in this together.

Take care of each other as much as you can. Only leave the house when absolutely necessary, and don’t forget to practice social distancing when you do.

It’s essential for not only your health, but the health of those around you.

I hope this helped! Share with your family and friends if it did.

This article originally appeared on David’s site, Just Ask David.

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