Cabin fever is irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter. Yeah, snow is beautiful, but being snowed in for long periods of time is not fun. There are only so many episodes of your favorite TV show you can watch before you start to lose it. No need to go stir crazy though. Continue reading to prevent a raging case of cabin fever.

  1. ReadRead a Book

Before you start binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, crack open a book (yes, they still exist). Choosing a good book instead of the television for entertainment can be refreshing. The pages will transport you to another place that’s hopefully a lot less snowy.

2Playing in the snow. Play in the Snow

Who says you have to stay in? Just be sure to bundle up before you start making snow angels. Nothing is worse than being stuck indoors and being sick.


  1. Video Chat

Video Chatting

Fortunately, we live during a time where things like FaceTime and Skype exist. Being able to see your friends and family by video chatting makes you feel a little less alone when you’re forced to stay indoors.

  1. Create Fun for the KidsFun Activities for Kids

If you have children and they’re starting to get irritable from being stuck inside, give them something to do. Have them help you make dinner, create an indoor camping experience, start a kid-friendly DIY project with them. If your little one is about to have a meltdown, pop in the movie “Frozen.” It’s their Kryptonite.

  1. Christmas Gifts

Remember that homemade beer kit your brother got you for Christmas last year? Or the bread maker that you never opened? Now you have an ample amount of time to try these kits and gifts. Who knows—you may find your new favorite hobby.

Scrapbooking6. Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is fun, but also very time-consuming. Now that you have all of this time on your hands, you can use it to organize some of your favorite memories and moments.


  1. Deep CleaningGet Some Nitty-Gritty Cleaning Done

If you’re really desperate to find something to do while the snow melts, then tackle a mess. Clean every nook and cranny of the house. You will be thanking yourself later once the weather clears up and you have a tidy home.

  1. Exercise

You don’t have to visit the gym to work out. There are thousands of free exercise videos on YouTube that you can try out in your living room. It will also warm you up and get your blood pumping.

9.  Hang out with the LCJoin the LC FAMILY

Want to chat with the LC or see what’s new? Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to get the latest updates. Find out the latest in fashion jewelry and the gemstone community by streaming us live. Join the LC Family and we’ll weather the storm together!

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