Halloween is just around the corner, and like many others, I’m struggling to find a costume. But lucky for you, here are 9 Classic Last-Minute Halloween costume ideas.

Animal Onesie

This one is good for winter. Any animal onesie is a cute and practical way to transform into any animal you want while feeling warm in the process. Plus, you could make a sleepwear out of it (how fun!)

A drawing of a diverse group of people dressing up in animal onesies


Bring your favorite holiday to you and your friends this Halloween! Dressing up like tourists is amazing because you could find everything in your closet already. For an extra dosage of fun, grab a camera and strap it around your neck to really “sell” the tourist look.


Dressing up like a cat is classic for a reason. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s easy! Simply dress in all black, grab some cat ears, and draw some whiskers with a black eyeliner. If you want to have extra fun, you could always make yourself a tail as well!

Scrabble Letter

If you could find some cardboard, write a letter and string it around your neck. Dress in all black, and boom! You’re a scrabble letter! For extra fun, you could always team up with a few of your friends to spell a word.

Men in Black

Find your favorite black suit, pair that with some sunglasses and a black tie. And there you have it – you are officially an agent of the Men in Black. For extra fun, you could bring a silver pen that acts as a neuralyzer.

Man dressing up as Agents from Men in Black outside

Sheet Ghost

A classic Halloween staple, this costume is a cinch to pull off! All you need a spare white sheet from your closet or pick one up at your favorite thrift store. Loosely arrange the sheet over your body with your head toward the center, and mark an area for your eyes. Use scissors to cut them out, and you’re good to go. For extra spooky fun, add a thick clanking chain wrapped around your arms.

Kid running down the neighborhood dressed as a ghost

Ancient Roman

Another costume to utilize a white sheet, dressing as an Ancient Roman is quick and easy. Check out this guide to creating your own toga. Worn by both men and women in Roman society, it is the perfect costume for anyone on a budget or needing something last minute. What’s even better is dressing up this simple costume with an accessory to create a whole new costume! Add a goblet and become Bacchus, the God of Revelry. A toy bow lets you become Diana, Roman Goddess of the Hunt. With the vast pantheon of Ancient Roman deities, there is an endless opportunity.


While the traditional stage magician would strike a cutting figure in full black-tie evening wear, modern illusionists have broken the mold. Your best bet is to assemble an edgy black and white outfit from your closest and calling up on your high school goth phase. Dark and prominent makeup will accent your features in the low light of Halloween parties or taking the kids trick or treating. A simple prop like a deck of cards or a wand completes this quick and easy look.

Kid dressed as a magician in front of red curtain

A Bunch of Grapes

The staple of school plays everywhere, becoming a bunch of grapes is simple and easy. First, assemble a base of dark clothing. From here, attaching inflated purple or green balloons over your body creates the appearance of a bunch of grapes. Try using a green scarf for the illusion of an attached vine, and you’re all set!

What are your lazy Halloween costume ideas? Let us know down in the comments below!

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