Can you picture a little puppy pendant made with sparkling stones? Or a vivid peacock bangle bracelet around your wrist? If you are a lover of animals then there is something very exciting to add to your jewelry collection. Be it keeping your favorite animal close to your heart or reminiscing the moments you shared with your pet; the animal jewelry collection has everything for you. Whether you simply wish to flaunt and adorn animal featured jewelry pieces or gift them to a special someone, then these tiny animal-shaped accessories are all that you need to know about.

Dragonfly animal jewelry pendant in stainless steel.

An fantastic zoo of possibility

When it comes to buying animal jewelry, there is a diverse range of jewelry items and accessories that can be considered. Little figurines of animals can be designed into artistic pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, charms, rings, to name some! The animal jewelry assortment features adorable animals such as cats, dogs, peacocks, and other exotic creatures like elephants, turtles, and dolphins. To give a realistic appeal, these jewelry pieces are crafted in three-dimensional designs too. Some designs in this collection are highly stylized, while some are indeed very realistic. Jewels shaped in the form of animals and insects have been adorned by women since the beginning of time, and it has now become a fashion-forward trend, exploding in popularity.

Goldtone snake bangle.

Glittering gemstones tempt you

When jewelry is crafted with brilliant sparkling gemstones, the jewelry pieces turn out to be exceptionally exquisite! What you see are little motifs of animals that are embedded with gems like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and turquoise. Each gemstone reflects its own beautiful color, and the animal jewelry pieces dazzle in rich hues. These gemstones are also birthstones, so if you wish to adorn something which is suitable for you or your loved one, then these gemstone studded animal pieces are exactly what you should be aiming for! 

Peacock bangle with pink crystal accents.

Animal jewelry for him

Powerful and mighty motifs such as lions and snakes have been trending lately in the world of men’s fashion jewelry. You can also consider these animal jewelry pieces for men. Iconic animal-inspired brooches can be adorned on suits to spruce up the look and create a dapper appearance. Vintage fashion accessories inspired by nature and their persona will never go out of style. 

Men's eagle ring in stainless steel.

A touch of gold

If your admiration is inclined towards the luxurious gold with tones of yellow, white, or rose, then these animal jewelry pieces are never going to disappoint you. These precious metals make for excellent everyday wear. This way, you can keep your pet’s memory close to your heart all the time. This is absolutely a treat for the lover of pets, where animal-themed jewelry items are all set to bring a smile to your face. 

Gold animal jewelry pendant.

Your love for exotic animals, amphibians, or domestic pets will find a symbol through this gorgeous animal jewelry collection. You are bound to find something you will adore in just a glance! 

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