Shop LC Sponsors One for One Program Partner to Feed Kids in Need

Shop LC feeds hungry kids in need through its One for One Program. The program cares for children in both the United States and India. Akshaya Patra prepares and serves these nutritious meals throughout India to school age children.

On July 25, the Akshaya Patra Foundation held its first ever virtual gala. Themed around Technology for Change, chapters from Austin, Dallas, and Houston came together, raising $950,000. This money will go directly to feeding Indian school children through the Akshaya Patra mid-day meal program. Shop LC is proud to be a sponsor of the event.

Nearly 1000 businesses, non-profit groups, government representatives, philanthropic leaders, and others from across the globe were in attendance. Together, they stood in support of the dual mission of Akshaya Patra. The non-profit fights childhood hunger while promoting education for underserved children in India. Shop LC promotes this cause with its One for One Program, tackling the same fight by feeding kids in both the US and India.

The Importance of Giving

The evening was led in conversation with Mr. Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys by Siva Sivaram, President of Western Digital. Mr. Sivaram was recently appointed Chairman of Akshaya Patra Foundation USA with Srivatsan Rajan, Partner at Bain & Company, as Vice Chairman.

Touching on aspects of giving, success, and the importance of individual responsibility, Mr. Murthy stressed how important it is to live by giving. Not only does this reflect Indian values, it reflects the values of good-hearted people from around the world.

Giving has value, no matter if it’s big or small. This is especially true when feeding children. For hungry kids in India, these meals can mean the difference between going to school and receiving an education, or working alongside their families simply to eat.

An Evening of Entertainment

The theme of the gala was Technology for Change, and over the course of events, Mr. Murthy continued to explain how tech is a great liberator, creating incredible opportunities for people. The two tech pioneers engaged in lively and insightful conversation during the night, and included an actively engaged audience with plenty of questions.

Opening the show was “Bombay” Jayashri Ramnath, one of the best known Carnatic musicians in the world today. Opening the show with the Dhanvantari shloka, her performances continued over the night as she captivated guests with her serene vocals.

Truly, the gala was a celebration of not just caring for children, but the hard work of the chapters from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Their volunteerism helps make it possible.

About Akshaya Patra

Established in 2000, Akshaya Patra is the largest NGO-run school meal program in the world, according to Time Magazine, and serves 1.8 million children daily in over 19,257 schools through 55 kitchens in 12 states and two Union Territories in India. It costs only $20 to feed a child for an entire school year.

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